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Super Smash Bros. 4

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

War is Over

Nives's Smasher Score 4560
Gender: Male
Location: Near Paris,Val de marne, France
Birthday: September 14, 1991
Joined: November 2, 2008
Favorite games:FF7,all DMC,TOS,GT
Brawl Friend Code:2021 5442 7841
PSN Account:Nives-
August 1
Nives voted on the poll What are your Smash 4 purchasing plans?. 11:00 AM
July 18
Nives installed the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. 8:19 AM
Nives installed the game Super Smash Bros. 4. 8:18 AM
June 24
Nives voted on the poll What site skin do you use?. 10:03 AM
June 15
Jul 22, 2011:2nd of 6 in WWS, 5th of 32 in Bracket single at WakuWakuSmash
Mar 18, 2011:7th of 16 in SAF Singles at *~Sparks Are Flying~* High-Tier S&D
Feb 12, 2011:25th of 32 in Singles at European Singles + Doubles 3

Alpha Tournament
3rd place Brawl Doubles
Feb 26, 2010

Raze97 wrote at 5:52 PM on Apr 14, 2014:
Hey Nives, can I get your dupe Excite bikes?
Raze97 wrote at 5:52 PM on Apr 14, 2014:
Also, you should join my group man.
MetaBowser wrote at 10:34 PM on Apr 12, 2014:
i want your trivia points
Senobekim wrote at 7:52 AM on Apr 11, 2014:
Thanks Nives!
Senobekim wrote at 7:44 AM on Apr 11, 2014:
I sent you a new offer, with three cards you need instead.
Senobekim wrote at 7:24 PM on Apr 10, 2014:
I replied with a S7 Item you do not have
Foodies wrote at 9:09 AM on Apr 10, 2014:
Doesn't seem like you sent an offer.
Foodies wrote at 2:21 PM on Mar 18, 2014:
Thanks :)
Gardy wrote at 9:14 PM on Mar 05, 2014:
Vote for me on the TCG's new thread please? Winner gets an Autograph card.
Senobekim wrote at 5:51 PM on Feb 24, 2014:
Booster is coming out in about 2 months.
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