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Super Smash Bros. 4

Absolutely not!

Regimus's Smasher Score 3451
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September 28
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September 26
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September 23
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Sep 19, 2009:14th of 14 in Singles at The Honor of a Swordsman
Sep 05, 2009:5th of 13 in Singles at Cat Fight!!!!

Carls493 wrote at 5:45 PM on Sep 03, 2014:
The end of the year? That would probably link up better with Smash 4 Wii U, then.
Carls493 wrote at 5:30 PM on Sep 03, 2014:
I just found out more about BitF's ending.

Its final comic is #600. It will be released on Oct 3, the release of Smash 4 3DS.

Don't you think that's a beautiful or meaningful way to finish?
BPF wrote at 5:10 PM on Aug 27, 2014:
Mind trading me a promos card?
Carls493 wrote at 9:05 PM on Jul 25, 2014:
What I'm hoping is that he has more material for Smash 4 just within the time the whole roster is finally revealed. He could definitely make something of that, whatever it will be.
Carls493 wrote at 8:57 PM on Jul 24, 2014:
I think another reason is because his married life is catching up with him.

But good for him for seeking to end this comic on a good note. At least he warned us so we have time to prepare for it.
Carls493 wrote at 6:53 PM on Jul 24, 2014:
Zork wrote at 4:03 PM on Apr 20, 2014:
Volke Aeno wrote at 2:19 PM on Apr 01, 2014:
About Sticker Star... At the price right now, it's more of a question of whether it's worth your time. It's a game that has excellent polish but is driven by questionable (and entirely intentional) design decisions. Depending on how you feel about the ideas will determine whether it's consistently dull or consistently amusing. The main points of the game are...

-Turn-based battles that only give money.
-Resource management through limited stickers and space.
-Puzzles that use one-time use items, even upon failure. Regaining those items requires cashmoney or backtracking.
-Despite fairly linear levels, there's a lot of hidden paths and goodies.
-A plot largely limited to mainline Mario characters that doesn't even use that many from that pool.
-Endless paper puns.

Not all of these are objectively bad things, but if you think any of those will be serious, unfixable issues I would not recommend this game at any price.
hnic95 wrote at 10:40 PM on Mar 17, 2014:
Could you please trade me two promo cards?
Edward_ERS_ wrote at 5:51 PM on Mar 11, 2014:
That video is a little dated, sorry about that. That channel is fun and informative. AMD 6300 is still a strong value CPU, but the GPU market changed as always. Ever since December coin mining has driven the prices of AMD GPUs through the roof, but luckily it's mostly for ones that were already over $300, so it doesn't matter. In general the GPU market is screwed right now. :<
About me:

There's not really much to know, except I'm fairly chill and just a tad hyper around people who actually like me.

Love people from where they are where they're at. We're not all perfect. Jesus loved me at my worst.

I love playing games with my peeps and just hanging with them. It's always a fun life and certainly going to be a busy one. I have family everyone from under Jesus' blood to actual blood.

Just get to know me, despite the fact this is a site you probably will never see me off of. I'm not that big of a smasher like most others, so . . . bygones. Still, being the big game fanatic I am, that's something we both have in common.

( •_•)>⌐■-■

Oh, looking so good dude.