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Name:SLASH ~S~
Gender: Male
Location: California, United States
Birthday: February 18, 1992
Joined: December 29, 2009
Favorite games:My favorite games are: Star Fox series, metroid, smash bros 64, megusta brawl melee halo 1.2, 3 and ce. Also pc games for action whatever the nintendo and xbox are also those of the best play 3
Wii Number:8755 0625 7570 8972
Brawl Friend Code:4683 8640 9647
September 18
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August 23
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August 22
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Xtorm wrote at 7:16 PM on Sep 12, 2013:
pepena xD
Xtorm wrote at 10:59 AM on Feb 03, 2013:
we esque se me baja la puntuación y siempre estoy a un pelito de ganarle a penta D:, llevaba como una semana sin jugar y ahora nomas puedo los fines :c
Xtorm wrote at 2:49 PM on Dec 18, 2012:
as vuelto D:
About me:

About me since I like the brawl and melee the copetencias and other things haha am a student of the OCEAN (ROB), a Japanese player of the best and my idol and friend hahahahaha and learned a lot from the ocean is the best haha I love to travel also to where I live in mexico but was born in America and as the two countries has a cool level of brawl.