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People Know Me

Scizor's Smasher Score 3950
Gender: Male
Location: Rialto, California, United States
Birthday: January 13, 1994
Joined: August 23, 2008
Favorite games:Brawl, Melee, Pokemon, Street fighter, and The Legend of Zelda Series
Brawl Friend Code:1633 3846 5919
May 2
Scizor voted on the poll Do you own a Nintendo 3DS?. 5:37 PM
Scizor commented on one of Keitaro's blog entries, "SKTAR 3 Trailer is up!". 5:37 PM
January 30
Scizor voted on the poll 4th Counterpick. 6:35 PM
Scizor is attending Equinox #4 No Sleeping!. 6:35 PM
Scizor and Tails are now friends. 4:40 AM
Jan 25:5th of 18 in Brawl Singles, 5th of 6 in Brawl Doubles at Warriors Path
Nov 09, 2013:9th of 15 in Doubles, 17th of 45 in Singles at Overflow
Jan 04, 2013:49th of 64 in Singles at Ame's Brawl Tournament #1

E4: Revenge
1st place Amateur
Oct 27, 2012

E4S:Champion+COSPLAY-Sponsored by TMOBILE and NOS
3rd place Brawl Amateur
Dec 11, 2011

E4: Revenge
4th place SB6
Oct 27, 2012

ReveLAtions 2012
3rd place BRACKET POOL 5
Aug 13, 2012

Link & Ike Master wrote at 7:10 PM on Mar 17, 2014:
U wanna play sometime
juan. wrote at 9:47 PM on Jan 30, 2014:
Link & Ike Master wrote at 11:28 PM on Jan 26, 2014:
Wii Fit Trainer wrote at 11:51 PM on Jan 14, 2014:
Buddy :)
Cocoa-Jin wrote at 10:07 AM on Jan 13, 2014:
Happy birthday dude lol
Zan wrote at 9:51 AM on Jan 13, 2014:
Disorient wrote at 6:29 AM on Jan 02, 2014:
Richard 89 wrote at 12:22 PM on Dec 18, 2013:
Hey Scizor, i have to explain what happened last night. While we were brawling last night, your mk against bowser, the router got turned off on me. I was having so much fun against your red mk and link. I hope we can play again sometime. Again i'm sorry that you got disconnected from it without an explanation.
EazyDI wrote at 7:50 PM on Jul 29, 2013:
Is this the man that went ham at E4U?
LordXav1er wrote at 7:36 AM on Mar 28, 2013:
About me:I main Link.....and am also a zelda fan boy i also like the pokemon scizor if you haven't noticed, names Joel btw or Joe what ever ya like