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Magnatoon wrote at 5:28 PM on Jun 09, 2014:
I think u mean just a liar
KBM wrote at 9:57 AM on Mar 28, 2014:
GimmieCookie wrote at 10:36 PM on Mar 23, 2014:
Fructose wrote at 6:13 PM on Dec 12, 2013:
So r u a girl or not cuz i still dont no
Magnatoon wrote at 1:18 PM on Dec 12, 2013:
happy wheels??????????????????????
Magnatoon wrote at 12:31 AM on Aug 04, 2013:
r u gonna play more slender pewds???????????
Dr. Watermelon Kirby wrote at 6:30 PM on Aug 03, 2013:
stop you're making me blush

no actually stop i'm allergic to blushing STOP YOU'RE KILLING ME
Magnatoon wrote at 8:51 PM on May 28, 2013:
"i hate canaderans they mad gay" -god
Magnatoon wrote at 3:41 PM on Apr 20, 2013:
and ull never get me back
Magnatoon wrote at 12:51 AM on Mar 30, 2013:
you lost a bro pewds
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