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Gender: Male
Location: Lackawana, Pennsylvania, United States
Birthday: April 13, 1987
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Favorite games:Sonic the Hedgehog, the Porcupine, the time traveller, the bird saver, the pinball, the speed demon, the gold ring eater, the Olympic medal winner, the Arabian Night, the swordsman, the gunsman, the ladies man, the adventurer, the race car driver, the racer, the Iblis Trigger, the Winter Games specialist, the Werehog, the Death Egg destroyer, the Chosen One, the fighter, the hoverboard rider, the Wisp saver, the cartoon person, the comic person, the team member, the Chaos/Super Emerald user, the pinball master... Smash?
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EdibleMuffin wrote at 10:56 AM on Mar 19, 2013:
Hey i found a cool manga site check it out at Delicious Manga
About me:As far as I would be concerned, I would say that I have a wide interest in gaming, ever since I got my SNES. Other interests involve swimming, being an *******, trying to make points, and, of course, doing video game speed-runs. Otherwise, I can't really say there's anything out of the ordinary.

As for Smash Bros., I started out with Melee. I was usually playing Sonic Adventure 2: Battle/Heroes on my GameCube, until I found out about the game. I then decided to play it at a friend's, and it was so damn exciting. I then bought the game, and I played it for nearly the whole day. [Sadly, however, the Melee disc I have is scratched, and broken]. I then found out about Brawl, and considering how fun I found Melee to be, I then bought Brawl on the release date.
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