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Name::3 ♡ ^.~ ♡ :D ♡ <(-'.'-<) ♡
Gender: Female
Location: Massofbluesh!ts, Massachusetts, United States
Birthday: September 23, 2012
Joined: February 8, 2009
Favorite games:~~~ :D All Final Fantasy's, Dance Dance Revolution, Brawl, Mario Kart, Kingdom Hearts, basically any RPG's, Guitar Hero, and there is probably alot more that I just can't think of at the moment.
Brawl Friend Code:5155 2848 2917
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Aug 28, 2011:5th of 8 in Doubles at Dazless Madness
Jul 30, 2011:2nd of 7 in Brawl Doubles at R.X.B. 2
Jul 01, 2011:5th of 13 in PCB Tourney#3(FFA) at PCB Tourney#3(FFA)

StarLights Super Special Doubles O:
3rd place StarLights Super Special Doubles O:
May 31, 2010

Brawlmania: Epic Drop
1st place Singles
Jul 07, 2009

R.X.B. 2
2nd place Brawl Doubles
Jul 30, 2011

King's Last Tournament Doubles!
2nd place Doubles
Jul 10, 2009

BPF wrote at 4:53 PM on Sep 17, 2014:
Mind trading me a waifu promo holiday card pls?
Lust wrote at 11:11 PM on May 11, 2014:
Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 7:53 AM on Jun 17, 2013:
Most definitely. Shame we don't have our occasional talk here and there like we used to. Perhaps we can bring that back sometime.
juan. wrote at 1:57 PM on Jun 16, 2013:
Dang that sucks bro oh well as long as you lurk here is all good lol
Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 2:00 PM on May 23, 2013:
Always for memories. I still miss you of course. <3
juan. wrote at 12:47 PM on May 23, 2013:
That long awaited reply...
juan. wrote at 3:03 PM on Mar 10, 2013:
Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 7:24 AM on Feb 15, 2013:
Shouting out, knowing that I miss you!
BostonBrawler wrote at 9:18 PM on Jan 17, 2013:
Hi Starlight, not sure if you remember me from back in the day, just saying whats up. How was Apex?
About me:Hai thar!
My brawl name as you can tell is StarLight, just call me Star or my real nickname Cruz.

I really don't care what other people think when I say that I play video games.
I am who I am.

Random Fact 1: I love to stare at the moon and stars at night. It's just so peaceful and beautiful.

Random Fact 2: One of my previous names use to be Darklight (DL),
but now I usually go by Starlight (Star)... but I mean you could call me either one.

Random Fact 3: I can only snap with my left hand and i'm a righty O.o yah I dont even

Home Brawl FC- 5155-2848-2917
Name- StarL

Yup, this homosexual is my main :]

Tommie Stew 9:13 pm
he was like wuts this funny feeling in my pants, oh, main pit
Tommie Stew 9:14 pm
like "howd u do in teams with ur mk?" "oh, some girl playing pit beat me" "son, you're a loser and we hate you and you're no longer our son"
thats what happened

New England G!ddy Pit Crew ^.^

-- Sphere= Blue Sh!t , Me= Blue Sh!t , Koolaid= Blue Sh!t --

Thanks Kiwi!! icon_smile