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Michael Jackson LIVES!!!!
3:41 PM on Feb 13, 2010
1:52 PM on Feb 11, 2010
It has come to my attention...
10:12 PM on Jan 26, 2010
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The Evilness Within

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Name:Online: The Evilness Within - Real life: Chris
Gender: Male
Location: Illtucky, Idaho, United States
Birthday: March 10, 1994
Joined: September 8, 2009
Favorite games:Sonic series, Zelda series, Mega Man series, Mario Kart series, Fire Emblem series, Golden Sun series, Star Fox series, Punch-Out!!! series, Kirby series, God of War series, Street Fighter series, Mortal Kombat series, Pokemon series, Metal Gear series, Yoshi series, etc.
March 10
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February 13
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About me:I'M A SONIC FAN! Even though I don't use him in Brawl, though...

Hello. I'm The Evilness Within, a fan of Vaati, the Sonic series, and the Smash Bros. series (of course, who isn't? XD). I'm a very nice guy, but if you piss me off, I will flame you and kick your sorry ***. I'm not kidding, it's true. My favorite color's red, as you may see from my games. I do indeed have those mains, so the 64, Melee, and Brawl character thingie is very accurate. I'm not one of those who switch their mains, I stay loyal to my mains, thank you very much.

I'm also into YouTube Poops, undoubtley the funniest things on YouTube. I also like Linkin Park, that awesomesauce of a band, haha. I also Crush 40, because they are the freaking shiznit. And Vaati, who's supremely awesome looking. 'Nuff said, there, BOIS.



* Sonic with red costume
* Marth with red costume
* Bowser with red costume
* Fox with red costume
* Pit with red costume
* Yoshi with red costume
* Peach with red costume
* Kirby with red costume