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3:20 PM on Apr 15, 2012
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10:19 PM on Mar 19, 2011









Tom8er's Smasher Score 3750
Name:Tommy McKenna
Gender: Male
Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada
Birthday: October 18, 1990
Joined: August 5, 2008
Brawl Friend Code:4599 8105 8128
Xbox Gamertag:Tom8er
May 23
Tom8er voted on the poll Do you own a Nintendo 3DS?. 2:06 PM
January 21
Tom8er and Ant are now friends. 4:32 PM
October 18
Today is Tom8er's birthday! 12:00 AM
September 18
Tom8er earned the Libra badge. 11:38 PM
Tom8er earned the Virgo badge. 11:38 PM
Oct 13, 2012:17th of 40 in Brawl Singles, 4th of 12 in Doubles at Frag For Cancer 7
Sep 11, 2012:9th of 20 in Down For Dinner?! #1 at Down for Dinner #1
Aug 20, 2011:5th of 8 in Brawl Pools, 7th of 16 in Brawl Singles Bracket at HellaSmashed V

Last Minute Singles/Dubz Tourney
3rd place Doubles
Apr 26, 2011

Frag For Cancer 7
4th place Doubles
Oct 13, 2012

Last Minute Singles/Dubz Tourney
4th place Singles
Apr 26, 2011

Last Reign's Bi-Weekly Tournament II
4th place Doubles
Sep 19, 2009

BatmanTheDarknight wrote at 6:24 PM on Jul 14, 2013:
aye Tom haven't talked to you in awhile you still bad at this game?
VANdetta wrote at 3:54 PM on Feb 07, 2013:
my mom is washin clothes n whatnot made me move my gaming setup. i had to eat. my girl was callin me. i never get time to play smash and look for a job lol and i keep missing my full hop fairs n i dont know why. plus im gona work on my tap DI
Raffi-X wrote at 3:32 PM on Jan 23, 2013:
Raffi-X wrote at 12:28 PM on Jan 23, 2013:
whats ur 3ds fc
Zenkip wrote at 4:16 PM on Jan 09, 2013:
luv ya too man
KidFlash wrote at 12:58 PM on Jan 01, 2013:
Hey Tom it's been years! How you been? If you don't remember, I was in Legion of Crusaders with you and in Nsider.
About me:total brawl earnings : $20 (Canadian duh)