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Link14 wrote at 1:19 PM on Mar 20, 2014:
thank you very much~
T-Raz wrote at 2:54 PM on Mar 18, 2014:
Thank you Viki!=D
Foodies wrote at 10:55 AM on Mar 18, 2014:
Thank you Vicki :D
-Randum- wrote at 1:29 AM on Mar 01, 2014:
thanks vicki! ^^
EazyDI wrote at 12:25 PM on Feb 16, 2014:
Thanks a lot =).
ShotGun wrote at 12:24 AM on Feb 16, 2014:
Queensryche wrote at 11:03 PM on Feb 15, 2014:
What do you want?
Professor Layton wrote at 5:19 PM on Feb 03, 2014:
Oh, I didn't make that pic. Tres did. I just passed it along.
Pitzer wrote at 8:28 PM on Jan 29, 2014:
Hey, sorry for the late birthday shout out but, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY
Coolwhip wrote at 10:37 AM on Jan 28, 2014:
Happy belated birthday, Vicky.
About me:Hey there, the name's VickiIcarusChan. You can call me Vicki (for short) if you want, but it doesn't really matter though. I was the moderator of All is Crossing until the site crashed... It's been two months now and All is Crossing still doesn't work... Plus, I don't come here (on All is Brawl) very often than I usually do before. I'm not really sure if All is Crossing is back on or not, but the time will tell I think...

Here's my homepage website: http://vickiicaruschan.angelfire.com/

Thank you, TresChic for making this pic!

^^ Confession to make...I love Stark <33 If only he will return, I just wanted to tell him how much I love him. But I guess he isn't coming back after all. I will still miss him no matter what...