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GOG wrote at 2:54 AM on Apr 01, 2013:
Yeah, they be an eyesore...or an Eye-Saur in this case. XD
GOG wrote at 2:50 AM on Apr 01, 2013:
So cute. XD
MetaBowser wrote at 11:08 AM on Mar 26, 2013:
is your jumbo card up for trade?
rundas1234 wrote at 5:03 PM on Mar 25, 2013:
okay heres what i'll offer: jyk electro for your glire, glunder, and poppant,
yoshis story (melee) for poppant and glunder.
jungle japes: day (rare) for 2 poppants
subspace bomb (legendary) for 2 pokeballs?

would you do this? i think its good ^^
rundas1234 wrote at 4:23 PM on Mar 25, 2013:
>> whats wrong with now haha. i have some rares and such that you need that id be happy to trade ^^ then for the pokeballs, i have some UR dupes i can offer ^^
rundas1234 wrote at 4:09 PM on Mar 25, 2013:
yes. =) thats a solid one for one. are the other cards i mentioned up for trade too??
MetaBowser wrote at 2:25 PM on Mar 25, 2013:
rundas1234 wrote at 2:01 PM on Mar 25, 2013:
*preferably the mario & peach valentines promo =)
MetaBowser wrote at 2:00 PM on Mar 25, 2013:
are you going to vote on the poll of the century?
rundas1234 wrote at 1:59 PM on Mar 25, 2013:
hey! are you trading that dupe red white & blue? i can offer you a valentines promo if you'd like ^^

other than that, are those poppants, pokeballs, and glunder up for trade?
About me:Well if you want to know anything, just feel free to ask.

Best characters I've played
Mario: JMix
Luigi: AYB3
Marth: Dark Espada & Shinryu
Pit: Luckay
Samus: Gemini Deus
Snake: AYB3
Lucas: Shinryu
Falco: Stroumbert
Fox: Juan Cuhh
Donkey Kong: Ntarps
Diddy Kong: Zeta
Ike: Vegeto
Lucario: Spark Aura
Pokemon Trainer:
Ganondorf: Stroumbert
Kirby: Chris Ocean
Mr. Game and Watch: Meltdown XYZ
Jigglypuff: KGC
Pikachu: Luckay
ZSS: Absol Addict
Ice climbers: Chris Ocean
Zelda: Gemini Deus & Chris Ocean
Sheik: Absol Addict
King Dedede:
Olimar: AYB3
Captain Falcon: Stroumbert

This list will become full eventually lol. Props to my bud Brandon (Sama) for the idea of this.