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Name:Rainie Yang
Gender: Male
Location: Ridgewood, New York, United States
Birthday: June 4, 1969
Joined: November 29, 2008
Favorite games:Brawl, SSF4AE, UMvC3, SFxT, TvC, Monster Hunter, Halo Reach and 4, RaiderZ, Quake 1-3, Urban Terror, Counter-Strike 1.6, CSS, CSGO, Skyrim, Earthbound, Half-Life 1 and 2, Wind Waker, Metroid Prime Hunters, KH/FF series, Katamari, Sin and Punishment, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Dead Space 1 and 2, Bioshock 1 and 2, GTA 3, GTA IV, Elsword, Bloodline Champions, Blacklight Retribution, Dota 2, LoL, CrossFire, Dragon Nest, Quake Live, RotMG, ST on ggpo, Silkroad, Runes of Magic, RUSTY HEARTS, Vindictus, TF2, Nexuiz, Stepmania, Xonotic, Warsow, MW3, BF3, and bunch of other stuff on Steam. [this changed a lot, I play way too many games nowadays.]
Wii Number:1111 3333 3333 7777
Brawl Friend Code:0433 2716 1293
Xbox Gamertag:xZorai
PSN Account:Zorai_X
September 18
Zorai earned the Gemini badge. 11:37 PM
May 06, 2013:1st of 16 in Doubles at Brawl For Fun Tournament #8
Sep 11, 2012:1st of 20 in Down For Dinner?! #1 at Down for Dinner #1
Jun 18, 2012:17th of 45 in Brawl Singles at Impact III

Last Minute Singles/Dubz Tourney
1st place Singles
Apr 26, 2011

Last Minute Singles/Dubz Tourney
1st place Doubles
Apr 26, 2011

TL2Q 4
1st place Singles
May 08, 2009

TL2Q 3
1st place Singles
May 02, 2009

アリス九號 wrote at 10:45 PM on Feb 19, 2014:
tis foooooo
Raze97 wrote at 1:23 PM on Jan 08, 2014:
yo, would you trade your assist trophy, and your pokeball cards?
Red-X wrote at 4:25 AM on Jan 02, 2014:
what the hell
Inui wrote at 12:10 AM on Jul 16, 2013:
"I no longer care for this site or game."
Aeramis wrote at 12:07 PM on Jun 06, 2013:
I'll trade my N64 Samus for your N64 Luigi dupe?
TheRealBobMan wrote at 11:08 PM on Jun 04, 2013:
Happy birthday!
Decoy wrote at 7:19 PM on Jun 04, 2013:
hapsy birydha
Italian Falcon wrote at 3:03 PM on Jun 04, 2013:
Happy Birthday :D
XXXPEACEXXX wrote at 11:37 AM on Jun 04, 2013:
happy birthday bro
Tony T wrote at 10:03 AM on Jun 04, 2013:
Happy Birthday Zorai
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50-0 winter season.