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blog_img So I'm goin to New Mexico.
1:27 AM on Jan 31, 2014
blog_img So South Korea's alright...
7:47 AM on Jul 7, 2013
blog_img So I'm goin to Korea in June!
4:26 PM on Oct 21, 2012
Spike on spikes!
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I Am Myles

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benaji261's Smasher Score 5200
Gender: Male
Location: Osan AB, South Korea
Birthday: October 10, 1990
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Favorite games:No one cares.
Wii Number:1161 0790 5802 6424
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Xbox Gamertag:TheBurgness261
PSN Account:benaji261
March 1
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January 31
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Apr 03, 2010:1st of 13 in Brawl Singles at ICB Tourney # 1
Mar 13, 2010:7th of 13 in EDC Singles Tourney #6 at EDC Singles Tourney #6
Feb 20, 2010:13th of 25 in Brawl Singles at Group Brawling #2 (singles)

ICB Tourney # 1
1st place Brawl Singles
Apr 03, 2010

EDC Singles Tourney #3
1st place Singles
Jan 23, 2010

BrawlMania: Final Act
1st place Brawl Singles
Sep 25, 2009

Singularity wrote at 2:25 PM on Mar 04, 2014:
Haha nope, not nowadays. Haven't played in so long, not that I ever did in the first place. Too busy with Univeristy work, what you up to now?
Singularity wrote at 5:06 PM on Jul 14, 2013:
MISS YEW TEW BR0 <3, how the hell have you been?!
Singularity wrote at 8:10 AM on Jul 07, 2013:
I Am Myles wrote at 11:57 AM on Jan 16, 2013:
About me:I am a gamer and pianist.

I'm the leader of the Fire Dragon Squad in EDC.


Thanks Cold. This is awesome!

If you couldn't tell, I LOVE Houndoom. ;D

Thanks ColdDegree for these awesome sigs. icon_biggrin

Too good Got_Mine.

Awesome job KnightMare. ;O

If anyone is interested in having a sig made by me, plz PM me and let me know. I need the practice.

I made this! My first self made sig! icon_biggrin

Started May 21, 2009.

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