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3:23 PM on Nov 9, 2010
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{EBK} Geno...

TM Mango




Super Smash Bros. 4

Absolutely not!

caseythemofobloood's Smasher Score 3850
Name:Its me
Gender: Male
Location: City of wankers, Connecticut, United States
Birthday: November 8, 1990
Joined: June 9, 2008
Favorite games:So many games broski.
Wii Number:1413 7229 9300 4120
Brawl Friend Code:0731 4431 3206
Xbox Gamertag:caseyisthatdude
PSN Account:dontgotonewanker
September 19
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Nov 12, 2010:9th of 26 in SSBB 1v1 at QR's Autumn Leaves Tournament
Jul 06, 2010:5th of 16 in SSBB 1v1 at Queens Regnant Tourney #3
Jun 26, 2010:3rd of 14 in SSBB 1v1 at Kcris's Xat Giveaway Tourney

Kcris's Xat Giveaway Tourney
3rd place SSBB 1v1
Jun 26, 2010

{EBK} GenoSamus wrote at 10:00 PM on Sep 19, 2014:
{EBK} GenoSamus wrote at 9:59 PM on Sep 19, 2014:
Lol yeah I keep getting the same thing on my phone. This site still isn't fit for mobile of you ask me.
{EBK} GenoSamus wrote at 1:24 PM on Dec 29, 2013:
haha maybe it's because of Project M.
Sinon wrote at 3:41 AM on Dec 20, 2013:
Life has changed for me dramatically. :L you?
Coolwhip wrote at 3:45 PM on Dec 18, 2013:
lol my bad casey.

I play project m as well, feels like the real melee all over again. we should play sometime.
Sinon wrote at 4:26 PM on Dec 16, 2013:
MetaBowser wrote at 11:40 PM on Dec 15, 2013:
well, at least you're sorry.
MetaBowser wrote at 6:35 PM on Dec 15, 2013:
is your assist trophy up for trade?
{EBK} GenoSamus wrote at 10:02 PM on Apr 01, 2013:
MetaBowser wrote at 5:04 PM on Feb 26, 2013:
are your assist trophies up for trade?
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