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Poll of the Century
Who do you think will win EVO?
Armada (60)
PPMD (31)
Mango (99)
Mew2King (74)
Leffen (2)
HungryBox (13)
Hax (1)
Fly Amanita (2)
Westballz (1)
aMSa (14)
Axe (4)
Shroomed (3)
Ice (3)
Someone else (17)
Blog of the Century

How to connect to Wiimm's servers on WiFi

TheLateGen gives a detailed runthrough on how to get back on wifi!

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certified host
Think you're a great tournament host? If you're willing, check out this topic to take a Certified Host exam. Anyone who passes will get the Bonafide title, and their events will receive priority advertising across the site!

Kirby, 999999999 points

Event Match 23
14 points

3 Minute Brawl
Luigi, 170 kills