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blog_img Attention Pokemon X and Y owners.
9:16 PM on Jul 7, 2014
blog_img NNID
9:49 PM on May 28, 2014
blog_img Stolen from Zork.
9:45 PM on May 27, 2014
LM51 (Ike) vs cpu
3.0 / 5.0 rating
Break the Targets Level 1
18.73 s
Event Match 36

Absolutely not!

luigimaster51's Smasher Score 5410
Name:Scott Blair
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Location: Logansport, Indiana, United States
Birthday: July 14, 1989
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Favorite games:Golden sun series, Super mario sunshine, F-zero GX, Super Smash bros series, and many others
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July 9
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Oct 30, 2010:5th of 6 in Brawl Singles Pools at Spartan Smash

Maple Moriko wrote at 3:11 PM on Jul 10, 2014:
Very tired cl
Maple Moriko wrote at 8:55 PM on Jul 09, 2014:
Maple Moriko wrote at 1:24 PM on Jul 08, 2014:
Pokedude wrote at 12:10 AM on Jul 07, 2014:
You know that tourney I told you about? I got last place. lol
SketchLA94 wrote at 6:30 PM on Jul 06, 2014:
Hey Luigi how have you been?
SunJerry wrote at 1:43 AM on Jul 06, 2014:
I hope so, If you main Wegee i wanna see dat
SunJerry wrote at 1:37 AM on Jul 06, 2014:
Yo, ggs i know your parthner wasn't the best but you were stylin! Damn good marth and Dk!
Pokedude wrote at 8:11 PM on Jul 05, 2014:
Ah, but practice makes optimum performance!
Pokedude wrote at 7:55 PM on Jul 05, 2014:
Play MK8 all day every day.

Uh, get one. I heard they're cheap at Wal-Mart. lel
Pokedude wrote at 7:30 PM on Jul 05, 2014:
You just have to let go of your life, then you will become master of all games.
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