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Farewell to Wii's WiFi/Brawl Online tournament
May 17, 2014
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Special Series #1: Canadian Car Race
2nd place Singles
Apr 02, 2011

2nd place MKW Tournament #2
Jan 18, 2011

Master of the blade tournament
3rd place Tournament
Jun 18, 2011

-ZionicWolf- wrote at 2:03 PM on Apr 23, 2014:
Hey! Yea, Petersaurous responded and is down to team with me, so Japan I believe still needs a partner.
MetaBowser wrote at 6:22 PM on Apr 21, 2014:
When can you update the name color blog?
Zork wrote at 5:39 AM on Apr 20, 2014:
Milky wrote at 5:45 AM on Apr 10, 2014:
Ggs mang, you too.

Lol'd at our trolly matches near end.
Kamo wrote at 4:33 AM on Apr 05, 2014:
Good games, had fun.
-Teen Gohan- wrote at 9:40 PM on Apr 02, 2014:
Oh my gawd xD
-Teen Gohan- wrote at 1:34 AM on Apr 02, 2014:
Oh btw did you see my bonus question yet? Some people laughed xD
-Teen Gohan- wrote at 1:30 AM on Apr 02, 2014:
Lol that's okay, April fools this year was a bit...boring :c I liked last year when we all get to vote on blogs and have rainbow color names, etc xD

And I'm afraid it's too late for it, maybe next time lol (by far, 2 people will get a badge soon) and only 4 participated this time U:
Foodies wrote at 10:51 AM on Mar 18, 2014:
You person thank!!
rundas1234 wrote at 6:59 PM on Mar 16, 2014:
hey hows it goin? i was interested in just 1 of your cards, and it will put me extremely close to finishing the collection: your co-op event match 21. i will trade very well for it, would you consider trading it? :)
About me:Interviewer: Well Hello! I’m so glad you could make it today!

Person: Thank you. It’s nice to be welcomed with such hospitality.

Interviewer: Well as you are well aware this is the ‘About me’ section of your AllisBrawl, where you will be
asked basic questions as to just who you are.

Person: Quite right. I love letting potential stalkers gain information about who I am through the simplest
means possible. Don’t want them to work to hard now, am I right?

Interviewer: *laughs* I can tell this is going to be a fun experience for both of us. [...] Now, let’s get started,
shall we?

Person: Sure thing.

Interviewer: First off, why don’t you tell us your name and a little about what you do for a living?

Person: Well my name is Ruben, but to most of my friends here I’m known as Person. Currently, I’m a broke
college student trying to find a calling, though so far nothing has shouted loud enough for me to hear. I guess
for now I’ll just continue filling up the pages in this ever expanding binding of a book we call life.

Interviewer: *nods in interest* That’s something I believe most, if not any, person can sympathize with and wish
you best of luck in your search. […] Moving on, let’s discuss past experiences you’ve had with video games.
After all, this is a video game website. Can you give me a general overview of your gaming history?

Person: Too true! & Sure thing! I had picked up my first controller (NES) at age 3 and was instantly hooked as I
explored this new, sprite filled land known as Super Mario Bros. By age 4 I was actually lucky enough to own my
very first console! It was an N64 bundled w/ Super Mario 64! My mind blown by how I was able to play as my
favorite plumber, in 3-freakin’-D!!! Years pass and I discover-- <limit> icon_sad