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May 29, 2010:3rd of 14 in Saturday Awesomeness Night Doubles of awesomeness at Saturday Awesomeness Night Doubles of awesomeness
Dec 05, 2009:3rd of 13 in Sexy Time Tourney XI doubles at Sexy Time Tourney XI doubles
May 22, 2009:110th of 110 in Singles at Omega Brawl

Saturday Awesomeness Night Doubles of awesomeness
3rd place Saturday Awesomeness Night Doubles of awesomeness
May 29, 2010

The Random Character Tournament
3rd place Singles
Dec 23, 2008

AngelBlaze and MasterMiind's LAST MINUTE TOURNY
1st place Singles
Dec 29, 2008

Maniacal's super awesome tournament
1st place tourny
Oct 25, 2008