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War is Over

teluoborg's Smasher Score 1100
Gender: Male
Location: Paris, France
Birthday: January 12, 1955
Joined: July 14, 2008
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January 12
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November 19
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Jul 22, 2011:6th of 7 in WWS at WakuWakuSmash
Jul 30, 2010:7th of 7 in Pool Middletier, 6th of 8 in Pool Singles, 17th of 24 in Brackets singles at Geneva Brawl Garden III
Jul 23, 2010:0th of 0 in Low Tiers Pools, 49th of 64 in Low Tiers Bracket, 0th of 0 in Singles Pools at Bushido Brawl Impact

About me:Facts :
-Captain Douglas J. Falcon is so awesome that it took me 8 years of smash training to realize it.

-I play falcon for fun, and whenever I get serious I switch to falcon.

-I'm french so I play only on :