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Ladder Rankings

Brawl Singles WiimmFi Ladder #1
W - L:19 - 20
Streak: 3 losses
The Very First Mario Kart 8 3v3 Ladder '14
W - L:0 - 0
Streak: 0 loss

Super Smash Bros. 4

Super Smash Bros. Brawl


ven's Smasher Score 14204
Gender: Male
Location: Vegas!, Japan
Birthday: December 10, 1995
Joined: March 29, 2009
Favorite games:Legend of Zelda (all). Xenosaga (all 3 episodes). Mario Games. Eden Eternal. Kingdom hearts. Final Fantasy. Animal Crossing. Tales of games. Fire Emblem. Street Fighter. World of Magic. Eden Eternal. Pokemon. Legend of Dragoon.
Brawl Friend Code:0392 5472 9029
August 25
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August 23
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August 15
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August 2
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Oct 27, 2012:7th of 16 in Brawl Dubles, 13th of 29 in Brawl Pro Bracket, 1st of 8 in SB2 at E4: Revenge
Jan 21, 2012:2nd of 6 in Brawl - Singles (Pools), 5th of 8 in Brawl - Doubles, 3rd of 8 in Brawl - Singles (Bracket A) at Neo VegasSmash Brawl Monthlies #10 and Touhou Hiso
Sep 24, 2011:1st of 9 in Speedy Doubles at Speedy Doubles #2

E4: Revenge
1st place SB2
Oct 27, 2012

Bed Time Brawl 2
3rd place Brawl Low Tiers
Jul 29, 2010

*@ Peppers Monday Night Singles @*
3rd place Singles
Dec 07, 2009

Mid Tiers
1st place Singles
Aug 26, 2011

deathbysuarez wrote at 5:29 AM on Aug 20, 2014:
where have you been
MetaBowser wrote at 10:04 PM on Aug 19, 2014:
do you still race in mk8?
Wendy~ wrote at 8:49 PM on Aug 04, 2014:
http://allisbrawl.com/ttournament.aspx?id=14635 Wanna do this?
Ant wrote at 8:32 AM on Aug 03, 2014:
Ven.. We're so amazing~~~
Horsy wrote at 4:40 PM on Aug 02, 2014:
It has been corrected now.
Queensryche wrote at 5:35 PM on Jul 26, 2014:
First: Long time since I talked to you.

Second: I think this is relevant to your interests.
Hylian Goddess wrote at 10:09 PM on Jul 25, 2014:
Yeah, they can get taken pretty fast, especially for people who offer like 30 million bells for the villager (seriously people bid that much) x .x
Hylian Goddess wrote at 9:57 PM on Jul 25, 2014:
You're welcome! :D
Yeeeaah she's pretty up there in the popular list >>
I see you have a Facebook, you should try joining some ACNL groups there! That's where I got/get the ones I want! :3
Hylian Goddess wrote at 9:42 PM on Jul 25, 2014:
I really like your avi, did you get it from somewhere or render it yourself? :o
I also really like your profile! d:
I'm hoping to get Diana in my town soon >w<
Minato wrote at 4:51 PM on Jul 24, 2014:
Nice to meet you too :)
About me:

ven's Profile
Contact Info: FACEBOOK | SKYPE: vens14


- Top 5 Zelda main from Las Vegas NV. (For Brawl)
- Only playing wi-fi nowadays. Will be back for Smash 4.
- I offer site assistance. If you need help navigating through the website or have questions regarding the website, I would love to help you!I've been on the site for 5 years now, I know every nook and cranny of it ;D
- I'm a very open person so don't be afraid to talk to me. I'm always up for smash challenges and Animal crossing hang outs ;D