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4:27 PM on Feb 13, 2011
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2:07 PM on Feb 9, 2011
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4:19 PM on Feb 8, 2011
A Kirby Tribute
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Birthday: August 30, 1995
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Favorite games:SERIES: Smash Bros, Tekken, Street Fighter, MvC, Darkstalkers, Mortal Kombat, Kirby, LoZ, Mario, Pokemon
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September 30
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September 29
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May 29, 2011:9th of 12 in Singles at SmashFollowerZ Clan Tournament #6
May 28, 2011:2nd of 7 in Junior Bracket at NO MOAR SCHOOL
May 20, 2011:9th of 20 in Singles at LightStar's 14th Birthday

2nd place Junior Bracket
May 28, 2011

Winter Break Brawlers: A singles tourney*STREAMED*
4th place Streamed Tournament
Dec 29, 2010

SmashFollowerZ Clan Tournament #1
1st place Doubles
Oct 31, 2010

Brawl Singles Tournement 2
1st place Singles
Sep 17, 2010

kokomo wrote at 4:42 PM on Oct 01, 2014:
YEA, *sigh* life was sure alot simplier then./
kokomo wrote at 2:50 PM on Sep 30, 2014:
kokomo wrote at 2:11 PM on Sep 24, 2014:
I cant look at it now but, I have been on skype. Just gonna use this site to swoop up some new smashers and hopefully old ones and put them on the skype. However I still think this site is buggy as ****.
kokomo wrote at 1:59 AM on Aug 29, 2014:
kokomo wrote at 1:33 AM on Apr 16, 2014:
I took your game to hell. Must be ok it must be hell. McDonalds checker megurine. joker happy meal recline. mazdae mazdae cape crash bandicoot, soft n' light. Dosa No sofa de milkey delight! kordie ordin kaiiiiii. I took your game to hell
Papergamer09 wrote at 6:35 PM on Sep 23, 2013:
Hi Bro! I went through my Brawl friend list and found my toughest opponent there. Which was you. I was paper, remember? lol. We had lots of close games and most you won with Kirby and i was game and watch.. Anyways, gg form like 2-3 years ago. PS you're right, R.I.P SSBB.
The-Puerto-Rican-Penetrator wrote at 3:32 PM on Sep 22, 2013:
Yo bro. Seems like this is it for ya.
Wish we could've fought one last time but I guess life's a waiting. May we meet again brother
kokomo wrote at 1:56 AM on Jun 10, 2013:
trailer for next smash is tomorrow
kokomo wrote at 12:47 AM on Jun 10, 2013:
Never said I didn't.
Bats are more closer to primates than rodents.

My 2nd fav is the Mimic Octopus that imitates other animals and can shapeshift like into a mollusk.
Kyuu wrote at 10:01 PM on Jun 09, 2013:
whats up man. Remember me?
About me:

Hey whats up everyone my name is Zae for the people who don't know me. I'm a real nice and calm person, and I like to laugh.

Deviant Art: http://zae26.deviantart.com/

I Love Fighting Games
I run those female characters all day.
Ranks - High Lord in MvC, 1st in Ultimate, 12thDan-Warrior in Tekken Revolution and 6777-rank B in SfxT. (I have no life)

My entry for screenshot contest 39: Cool its a card now =)