I thought I was good at Brawl until I joined AiB.'s shoutouts


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SunJerry wrote at 12:28 PM on Jul 08, 2014:
BKW wrote at 9:38 PM on Feb 20, 2013:
Masochists da bess.
Amethyst Peach wrote at 1:36 AM on Jul 02, 2012:
I never notice about lag until I joined AiB.
G4GaMiNg2 wrote at 5:47 PM on Jun 22, 2012:
I first went to Fsmash, which has many great brawlers, then I came here. So I wasn't surprised to meet tough ppl here too. :b
mentoman2 wrote at 12:37 AM on Jun 21, 2012:
lloD... warm welcome to AiB, i fight the 11th best ladder player
Mizanin wrote at 8:32 PM on May 06, 2012:
No it doesn't Toz.
Toziko wrote at 2:13 AM on May 04, 2012:
This happens all the time for me XD
Bass wrote at 11:01 PM on Apr 17, 2012:
i like this one but its true ever since i got this game and i got better and not so the skills i will have the most is neutral instead of being pro or not
Thing 1 wrote at 2:22 PM on Apr 01, 2012:
XD OYUS!...KillLock pwnd me...all my mains,3 stocked...but,I got some training with LNIAD,Diska and Apr...Tee-Hee ewe I've improved,lol.XD but yeah...I thought I was da BESSSSSSSSS!den I got pwnd ._. ...
SlayerMarth101 wrote at 7:12 PM on Mar 31, 2012:
Vestige wrote at 3:06 PM on Mar 12, 2012:
Link wrote at 5:04 PM on Feb 04, 2012:
Story of my life
GoldenYoshiKing wrote at 2:38 AM on Jan 29, 2012:
LMFAO ROFL xD **** NO. The correct term is......
I thought brawl was fun till I joined aib
Tyler numbers wrote at 2:27 AM on Jan 29, 2012:

Zano. wrote at 2:11 AM on Jan 29, 2012 :
I thought this site was about brawl when I joined
Zano wrote at 2:11 AM on Jan 29, 2012:
I thought this site was about brawl when I joined
Izzy wrote at 2:10 AM on Jan 29, 2012:
FOW wrote at 11:41 PM on Jan 29, 2012 :
I realized I was better when I joined :I
The Elite FOW wrote at 1:41 AM on Jan 29, 2012:
I realized I was better when I joined :I
LegendOfZeldaMaster wrote at 4:50 PM on Dec 26, 2011:
Yup, I used to destroy all of my friends and family at brawl, then I joined AiB and tried the ladders. I got slaughtered!
dustyfrumna4sev wrote at 2:56 PM on Dec 17, 2011:
It was LNIAD... I had link-I... I thought I was strong enough (eyes water). Master I failed you
DvB Eaon wrote at 6:24 PM on Oct 29, 2011:
LOL I remember the First time I went to Free Play I got raped lol! I've improved thanks to AiB! :)
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