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Kianna511 wrote at 4:39 PM on Jan 24, 2014:
Who does custom tracks?
Hukster wrote at 1:58 AM on Jan 05, 2014:
I play them from time to time.
Shadow-Miku wrote at 11:39 PM on Jan 04, 2014:
Still? Don't play it anymore due to recent difficulties I've been having online wise and pretty much forgot about it. Also I do suck at the game compared to most people on here. Other than that, I'm still alive. Just haven't play MKWii for a long time.
Italian Falcon wrote at 11:34 PM on Jan 04, 2014:
For the record, who here is alive and still plays one of the Mario Kart games?
Zero_Suit_Samus wrote at 4:15 PM on Aug 04, 2013:
Thanks for invite redlegend I will accompy hopefully you to tournments but I dont have mk8 or a Wii U yet
Duane wrote at 1:37 PM on Jul 13, 2013:
sup to all i waiting for mk8 as well but i do play mkw as rosalina on both mkw and mk7 and im not much of a ftw hacker im more of a suppoter
Italian Falcon wrote at 2:29 PM on Jun 30, 2013:
Created a MKW 1v1 League for anybody that's interested.
RedLegend wrote at 5:03 PM on Jun 25, 2013:
Hey everybody. I would like to inform all of you that the forums for the Mario kart league has been created. Feel free to use the forums to introduce, post your friends codes, schedule/find matches and other various activities in their respective category!
Shado Chimera wrote at 12:42 PM on Jun 24, 2013:
The demo was at best buys.
Boxerpupx7 wrote at 9:54 AM on Jun 24, 2013:
mk8 is great, played the demo <3 <3
Bass wrote at 9:52 AM on Jun 24, 2013:
cant wait for mario kart 8, but i dont have the system :/, i might try too but mkw is great to play still ^-^
MasamuneMarth wrote at 9:14 PM on Jun 21, 2013:
I can't wait for Mario Kart 8 to be released. I look forward to racing lots of people on Wi-Fi! :D
BrokenSpaghetti wrote at 7:38 PM on Jun 21, 2013:
Izzy wrote at 7:35 PM on Jun 21, 2013:
What Yoshi said.
Yoshinendo wrote at 6:34 PM on Jun 21, 2013:
I could be MK7 admin if I was even in it lol
Boxerpupx7 wrote at 6:32 PM on Jun 21, 2013:
i can be mk7 if you want. There are others better then me, but what ever, just putting it out there