Rest In Peace Kjell (Nappy)'s shoutouts


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Waft-OLi wrote at 10:03 AM on Jun 30, 2014:
Ryuga wrote at 3:41 PM on Mar 04, 2014:
All the way from wiipals.
Japan wrote at 12:18 PM on Jul 12, 2013:
wow man, I didnt know you died, smh I'm so sad, you were a great guy Kjell, damn bro :((((
XsheikX wrote at 8:08 PM on May 31, 2013:
Waft-OLi wrote at 7:29 PM on Apr 17, 2013:
R.I.P forever at peace
Haven wrote at 12:03 PM on Jan 14, 2013:
R.I.P Kjell, it's been over a year and I still think of you bro.
L-R-A-Start wrote at 11:58 PM on Jan 14, 2012:
Love you. <3 Miss you.
shadow1pj wrote at 12:20 AM on Jan 11, 2012:
<3333333 missed you at apex =[
Shanny Tha QTPie wrote at 12:03 AM on Jan 11, 2012:
I forever <3 my napz
shadow1pj wrote at 6:53 AM on Dec 09, 2011:
Reiii wrote at 7:10 PM on Dec 07, 2011:

Kurausu wrote at 11:21 PM on Dec 01, 2011:
Wow... My bro... RIP man...
Anneka wrote at 10:11 AM on Dec 01, 2011:
Wow, man this is just depressing, why does everyone pass away so young? R.I.P man, I wish we could've played and talked more.

alt089 wrote at 5:09 PM on Nov 30, 2011:
wait wtf?
Sam_The_Freshest wrote at 6:09 PM on Nov 29, 2011:
Vincenzo wrote at 7:35 PM on Nov 28, 2011:
Thanks, DeShane.
D. Disciple wrote at 10:52 AM on Nov 28, 2011:
I showed Nappy's mother your guys posts. She is very thankful for all of them.
Shadow the Hedgehog1 wrote at 7:25 PM on Nov 27, 2011:
I saw a kid having a seizure in school on friday... When I hear Nappy died from the same thing, I almost cried =,(
Redlover wrote at 7:07 PM on Nov 27, 2011:
R.I.P. bro
Darky-Sama wrote at 6:26 PM on Nov 27, 2011:
Even though we rarely spoke to one another and had our differences, you were of the best of us. I know you're in a better place now though. Rest in peace, man.
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