Ganondorf Gathering's shoutouts


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Dragon King Andrexas wrote at 9:11 PM on Sep 30, 2012:
Epic group pic. Ganon for the win!
DaToonMassacreHyLeN wrote at 10:58 AM on Jul 30, 2012:
DLA leave me a shout out for next tourny.
DEMI_1993 wrote at 3:06 PM on Dec 09, 2011:
...Users who "secondary" The King of Darkness,shouldnt be joining Ganondorf Groups....NOBODY GET OFFENDED.!!! ITS ONLY "MY" OPINION.!!!! I believe that people who are big fans of him,and were rockin' with Ganon from the beginning,and NEVER changed (Always Your Main) should be the only ones in his crews......once again,JUST AN OPINION!!!......I created a group myself too by the way called "GERUDIAN MILITIA".....can you guys come join me,please? :) lonely over there,lol....really...