If theres lag, I will be a noob.'s shoutouts


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Gardy wrote at 5:35 AM on Jan 29, 2014:
Lag pisses me off even more in P: M since it's a faster game and precision is so key in many of Zelda's MU's. Well lag says no to that u_u
Axew wrote at 4:12 PM on Oct 04, 2013:
The User Sun Jerry Called Me A Little Kid Because Of Lag. I'm Not Saying This Because I Lost The Battle. Dumb *** Lag. -_-
Heero Yuy wrote at 7:20 AM on Jul 28, 2013:
I hate Wi-Fail with a burning passion... The worst part is once you become a Wifi warrior, it's hard to adjust back to offline.
Alpha the Wolf wrote at 10:27 AM on Apr 20, 2013:
I main lag!Get at me pros!
-Taylor- wrote at 2:00 PM on Nov 25, 2012:
Lag really messes me up. Expectally when I'm Wolf, Snake not so much. So I just use the Classic Controller because the lag will mess up the wireless connection between the Wii Remote and console. I sometimes have to use the GCC.
Shado Chimera wrote at 10:39 AM on Sep 13, 2012:
And you loose.

Nice sentence you have. (clap)
pieman5124 wrote at 5:51 PM on Jun 11, 2012:
Ripskip is right...I main ness :/
xzx wrote at 4:53 PM on May 16, 2012:
If there's lag I sometimes even go Olimar lol.
Gardy wrote at 4:22 PM on Feb 24, 2012:
Lag is the true bane of my existence...I main Zelda/Sheik :(
_z- wrote at 1:51 AM on Jan 01, 2012:
Poor Ness and Lucas with their PK recoveries. >.>
Jmasters wrote at 4:42 PM on Dec 07, 2011:
Iv'e been waitung for this group.
Haelu wrote at 5:14 AM on Oct 28, 2011:
Haelu is here!
(NATO) Mayo wrote at 7:55 AM on Sep 12, 2011:
ib4 mk mains