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[WPact]SGOlympian wrote at 8:30 PM on Aug 16, 2014:
Check the private forums for some important stuff.
hotdogturtle wrote at 8:41 PM on Aug 13, 2014:
Do you still follow your "3 tests for legitimacy" that was posted a while ago for verifying stadium scores? I have a few questions about it.
Emperor91 wrote at 7:00 AM on Jun 18, 2014:
Thanks! :D
Horsy wrote at 11:02 AM on Jun 10, 2014:
Thankies buddy! XD
Zimer wrote at 12:22 PM on Jun 03, 2014:
Could you please update Cruel Brawl topic? Update is my last post in respective topic.
Foodies wrote at 11:09 AM on May 31, 2014:
Not sure if you got the PM or not, but I remade the outdated Staff Intro thread. If you could make a post in it, I'd appreciate it.
Cyrelle/Sonic18 wrote at 7:57 PM on May 28, 2014:
I saw your comment, I beat the record btw.
rundas1234 wrote at 2:31 PM on Mar 19, 2014:
promotions>holidays>towards the end, pgs 5 and 7 iirc
rundas1234 wrote at 12:17 AM on Mar 19, 2014:
hey! is your st. patricks promo or valentines 2014 promo for trade? :)
Aeramis wrote at 2:23 PM on Mar 18, 2014:
Yeah, no problem. Thanks again :)
Link Master wrote at 7:30 PM on Mar 17, 2014:
You play brawl?
Zimer wrote at 4:13 PM on Mar 17, 2014:
Happy birthday! Check my scores in my channel and enjoy it.
- JuanLeOnardO - wrote at 6:53 PM on Mar 16, 2014:
happy birthday home run king! :D
Blade wrote at 11:38 AM on Mar 16, 2014:
Late but hope you had a Happy Birthday!
Prince Roxas wrote at 11:23 AM on Mar 16, 2014:
No prob! ^^
Horsy wrote at 5:10 PM on Mar 15, 2014:
Happy Birthday, bud! (=
Izumi-kun wrote at 5:02 PM on Mar 15, 2014:
Trade me cards! Theres lots I need lol. Ill give you stuff that is new if you do (except for the TLs. Just points for them) ;3 I want your: Event 22, 26, Kirby sticker, DDD sticker... and 22 Blue TLs? >w>
Prince Roxas wrote at 11:48 AM on Mar 15, 2014:
Aaaaayy happy birthdaayyyy :D
Aria Hatsune wrote at 5:18 AM on Mar 15, 2014:
Hey just wondering if you'd be willing to make the following exchange:

Your Pokeball S5, Ike S6, and Lucas S6

for my Melee Mewtwo, Sonic S6, and Yoshi S6.
Aria Hatsune wrote at 5:18 AM on Mar 15, 2014:
that's 2 rares I don't have for 3 rares you don't ahve.
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