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Savage wrote at 4:39 PM on Jan 24, 2014:
:s i been wanting 2 play dat spamus :s i use her in like low tiers along w/ mario.. maybe some link but like dude shes good in dubs w/ anubis
MetaBowser wrote at 5:40 PM on Jun 01, 2013:
well now id like to trade for captain falcon and ganondorf. you mind getting back to me?
MetaBowser wrote at 10:39 AM on May 28, 2013:
nonono nevermind that offer. i need only one card of yours and it's the ganondorf duo. is there anything at all that i can trade to you for it?
MetaBowser wrote at 12:50 AM on May 25, 2013:
is your captain falcon, dark pit, or lucas duo card up for trade?
Gorilla Guile wrote at 12:47 AM on Mar 02, 2013:
xMARx wrote at 12:29 AM on Mar 02, 2013:
Happy birthday
Savage wrote at 12:10 AM on Mar 02, 2013:
happy bday
MetaBowser wrote at 3:26 PM on Feb 08, 2013:
actually no, would you trade them for something else? cards more rare.
Savage wrote at 5:55 PM on Jan 07, 2013:
yo wen can we friendly? i needa learn spamus 4 as a low tier
MetaBowser wrote at 8:50 PM on Dec 17, 2012:
would you trade your pokeball or assist trophy for my cd or dragoon?