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Singularity wrote at 4:34 PM on Jul 02, 2014:
I dunno mate, hopefully some Marine-based stuff or i'd like to carry on and refresh my diving qualification if possible. Not too sure yet, what are your ideas of what you want
to do after school?
Singularity wrote at 8:54 AM on Jun 20, 2014:
Yeah man its crazy! Have to think about the real word and jobs, housing etc after all this. Its mad scary! I've one or two ideas about what I wanna do after uni though (y). And I feel ya, currently I'm working pretty much full-time so its the same thing everyday, laaaaammmmeee. What internship are you doing?
Singularity wrote at 5:24 PM on Jun 18, 2014:
I'm not too bad dude! Although hyafever is really getting to me this year, working in a garden centre doesn't really help either haha. Just working loads over summer to get some money for my final year at uni, how're you doing buddy?
DRIG wrote at 9:26 PM on Jun 11, 2014:
Hey man!! <33333
Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 8:33 AM on Jun 10, 2014:
Someone's gotta rep that adorable Pit around here, so why not yours truly? :3
Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 10:27 AM on Jun 06, 2014:
You've awakened!
Singularity wrote at 9:18 AM on Jun 05, 2014:
Lust wrote at 10:50 PM on Mar 05, 2014:
dat ayoub doe <3

dis guy knows wassup
Lust wrote at 9:14 PM on Jun 02, 2014:
The hype of ssb4 brought me back lol
Lust wrote at 6:03 PM on Jun 02, 2014:
Da ayoub he lives!
Lust wrote at 5:50 PM on Mar 05, 2014:
dat ayoub doe <3
Gardy wrote at 11:58 PM on Dec 20, 2013:
Would your S1 Poke Ball, Tabuu, or any of your Premiere Balls be up for trade?
Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 8:22 PM on Sep 12, 2013:
Happy Birthday!
Meruru wrote at 2:12 PM on Sep 12, 2013:
happy b day eyeboob have a good one
Purple Turtle 1Miguel1 wrote at 11:50 AM on Sep 12, 2013:
Happy birthday! :D :D :D ^^
XXXPEACEXXX wrote at 12:13 AM on Sep 12, 2013:
happy birthday man
VickiIcarusChan wrote at 12:02 AM on Sep 12, 2013:
Happy birthday!
Singularity wrote at 3:32 PM on Jul 18, 2013:
Naw mate, just another dude~

And I'm about an hour's train journey or a little more from London, wouldn't be too hard for me to get there I don't think. Plus I could afford to now I spose what with me earning, could make it I reckon.
DRIG wrote at 11:02 AM on Jul 18, 2013:
DEWD, you both have the same Smile and the same hair o.o Got sisters? ;D JUST KIDDING :)))))) My parents are from Pakistan so i guess im a British/pakistani, BRITISH/ ASIAN FTW :DDDDD and believe this i never been to my home country D':, Naww you dont have to, YOUR the guest of england :D but what would you give me o.o Morrocco Socks would be aweshum jk >:D hmm not sure exactly o.o We were thinking about going to Italy gah so many choices D: so glad they're working... DAMMIT i need a job and a .... car >:(

Birmingham IS REEEAAALLLY FAR from london :( one of the reason why i dont go to tourneys.. *cough cough* imagine us lot studying in the same class XD LOL WE WOULD MESS ABOUT SO MUCH XD
Singularity wrote at 12:40 PM on Jul 16, 2013:
Yeah I live in a house, with some friends I made this year so really looking forward to living with them this year! And yeah its good enough, I'm pretty content (y)

I was joookiiing, whatever you do is whatever you do mate. Only messin :P when you have a tv lemme know and I will be more than happy to play. And I will do my best haha, depends when you come and where you go! And whether or not I can afford it haha.
Singularity wrote at 5:19 PM on Jul 15, 2013:
I'm at Plymouth University studying Environmental Science, waaayyyyy down South. It's a 3 hour train journey each time I want to go home but I only go when term is finished, otherwise I just stay down there with all my friends. D'aww cheers man! ^^ No holidays for me though, can't really afford to. I don't mind though, I'm pretty content just to work then do whatever I fancy on my days off haha.

And you boring sod you ;) that's cool though, glad to hear you've been keeping well. I've been trying to get back into it after 6 months but I've kinda stopped with work haha. Gonna try and ladder some more this weekend, defo hit me up if you want a few games though would love too. And yes, think I would defo try and find you buddy!
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