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LinkXboner wrote at 2:43 AM on Feb 08, 2014:
Oh ok lol
LinkXboner wrote at 12:06 PM on Feb 07, 2014:
We should wifi like old times lol
LinkXboner wrote at 4:16 PM on Feb 04, 2014:
Been great here living in college lol and cool I'm waiting for the game too lol do you still brawl btw?
Patg wrote at 11:41 AM on Feb 04, 2014:
Happy Belated brotha from anotha!!!
LinkXboner wrote at 1:31 AM on Jan 24, 2014:
How ya been?
{EBK} GenoSamus wrote at 11:38 PM on Jan 23, 2014:
Happy Birthday dude
Coolwhip wrote at 9:30 PM on Jan 23, 2014:
Happy birthday, kemo!
LinkXboner wrote at 2:55 PM on Jan 23, 2014:
Happy birthday old friend of mine :)
Nether Specter wrote at 12:10 AM on Jan 23, 2014:
Yoooo, Happy Birthday, man! Hope you have a good one :)

It's VTL by the way =o
pittokirby wrote at 1:29 PM on Jun 17, 2013:
kemo this leo. havent talked to u in a while. listen if u have xbox 360 add me gt:ryuzakihuntkira . i will also be gettin a wii u shortly.(my wii burned up by little nephew). to get smash bros. but add for 360 if got it id love to have a good player on my friends list. gbye
Patg wrote at 9:38 AM on May 27, 2013:
Japan wrote at 9:36 PM on May 09, 2013:
Bess Falco, in history.
FWOG wrote at 8:50 PM on May 05, 2013:
you lookin for a niqqa now u got a niqqa

Draigun wrote at 9:21 PM on Apr 15, 2013:
Well, you should play online again man, it might be better practice than your region, and you should save up to go to some OOS turneys n stuff man.
Draigun wrote at 9:41 PM on Apr 14, 2013:
hey man, you should come back to brawl, you ha dsooo much potential.
Patg wrote at 12:37 AM on Mar 29, 2013:
You know me, just trying to stay positive. You still play online?
Patg wrote at 4:43 PM on Mar 28, 2013:
Kemo :D!!
rundas1234 wrote at 3:57 PM on Mar 22, 2013:
hey! so are your dragoon pieces, premier balls, smash balls, glunder, poppants, and/or black knight up for trade? =)
Slither2Hunter wrote at 4:35 PM on Feb 21, 2013:
Based Kemo.
rundas1234 wrote at 2:16 AM on Feb 21, 2013:
hey! im interested in your subspace bomb and event matches. are you trading?
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