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Foodies wrote at 10:00 AM on Jun 15, 2013:
Happy Birthday :D
Zael wrote at 2:15 PM on Apr 29, 2013:
Is your Poke Balls, Golden Hammers, Jumbo Card, And Promos up for trade?
_OraNoS_ wrote at 6:37 PM on Mar 24, 2013:
I've been a lot less active recently, so if you ask for a trade and I don't seem to respond to you, I'm sorry. Hopefully you notice this before you post a shoutout. If I am on near the time you post and it seems reasonable (or simple), I'll trade with you.
MetaBowser wrote at 6:36 PM on Mar 24, 2013:
is your pokeball up for trade, btw youre going to get a jumbo card next daily drop.
Foodies wrote at 8:13 PM on Dec 02, 2012:
Thanks ^_^