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Thing 1 wrote at 5:56 AM on Aug 01, 2014:
lol whateven r u talkin bout dawg
Pawz wrote at 12:25 PM on May 20, 2014:
Thing 1 wrote at 6:34 PM on Apr 13, 2014:
i'ma start playin ssbb again :/
-Shell- wrote at 3:57 PM on Apr 11, 2014:
um tits?
Thing 1 wrote at 7:42 PM on Apr 09, 2014:
xD nah when was all about destroying leaf i hated him lol
-Shell- wrote at 6:47 PM on Apr 09, 2014:
ohhh es you
-Shell- wrote at 2:37 AM on Apr 09, 2014:
and you are?
Thing 1 wrote at 10:18 PM on Apr 08, 2014:
damn straight Xd got hype at the last chapter ending lmao,i like sasuke again xD
APR wrote at 10:04 PM on Apr 08, 2014:
it very good now very quick reaction xD if u want to see we can brawl soon
Thing 1 wrote at 9:48 PM on Apr 08, 2014:
bruh idek man, i never see any naruto fans here,that why this site dumb and i dont use it xD
you caught up?
Thing 1 wrote at 9:46 PM on Apr 08, 2014:
xD da****?lol you still watch naruto?&k
Thing 1 wrote at 9:43 PM on Apr 08, 2014:
nexuslani-moni sir.l~tk

or somethin xD i aint used it in awhile
Thing 1 wrote at 9:39 PM on Apr 08, 2014:
lul idk but if u active or use it you should add me so i can talk with my old bro will xD
APR wrote at 9:35 PM on Apr 08, 2014:
yes it was still up lol
Thing 1 wrote at 9:34 PM on Apr 08, 2014:
yeah, when i kill someone ima tell da feds
nahhhh, he just sleepin.
lol you got skype or something?
Thing 1 wrote at 9:29 PM on Apr 08, 2014:
lol nig im the wificario dahell xD course u know me.why the hell u decide to undead yourself now?lol
APR wrote at 9:26 PM on Apr 08, 2014:
lol yea i got alot better but oh well xD