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Blast Of The Past #3: Race Of The Wealthy

Location: Bushkill Fall, Pennsylvania, United States
Setting: Online
Date: February 5, 2011
Organizer(s): Italian Falcon
Game(s): Other
Size: Local


Last tournament Kyle bragged his way to get the gold, Itachi got silver, Dave unexpectedly got the bronze, and Ching got Blue. Anyway welcome to Blast Of The Past #3 of the tournament series where things are getting interesting.

Name Of Player: Jack
Character: Diddy Kong
Vehicle: Dolphin Dasher
Favorite Course: Wario's Gold Mine
VR Total: 7000-8000
What Happened To Jack?: After a few months of playing with Jack he moved to another school for a few years and I met him again in high school not bothering to ask him if he still played or why he hadn't since he moved.

Title Origin: The title for this tournament was meant to describe Jack, Jack was filthy rich and had a ton of money with a pretty decent mansion, thus the tournament title comes from his wealthiness he also loves a pile of gold bars so thats where the picture comes from.

Anyway here are the rules of the tournament:
-No hacking or glitching.
-No ultimate shortcuts or Bowser Castle 3 shortcuts, any other non-glitch shortcut is fine.
-No repicking a course for one GP (4 Races)
-Any character or vehicle is allowed.

OPTIONAL RULE: Dolphin Dashers Only

So those are the rules for the tournament, good luck and remember greedy and selfish people CAN win this tournament if they try.



Entrants: 24

Italian Falcon wrote at 1:01 PM on Feb 06, 2011 :
This post reserved for the tournament owner.
kkoop wrote at 7:46 PM on Feb 05, 2011 :
Yay i can do this one
Kasik wrote at 2:54 PM on Feb 05, 2011 :
So, the actual tourney starts at 8pm or do people have to be in the chat by 8pm? If it starts at 8pm that means ill still be in work until 8:30.. :(
Italian Falcon wrote at 8:09 PM on Feb 04, 2011 :
@Nintendo: its optional not enforced,

@Red: go figuire you would join the tournament about my friend that is rich and has alot of MONEY.
RedLegend wrote at 7:59 PM on Feb 04, 2011 :
the legend is back
NintendoRare22 wrote at 5:55 PM on Feb 04, 2011 :
lol, i rarely use Dolphin Dasher....... in fact NEVER
LightStar wrote at 12:26 PM on Feb 03, 2011 :
ultrareshiram2 wrote at 6:03 PM on Feb 02, 2011 :
Aw man, I just realized something: there's a no-talent show at my church this Saturday night, so I can't make it.
みうぃざと wrote at 8:31 PM on Feb 01, 2011 :
Oh ok. i doubt of the Jack hacker cuz because of the info here matches with infinite star hacking and you know that "infinite star = gold forever". ook nvm about all that i guess.
Italian Falcon wrote at 5:28 PM on Feb 01, 2011 :
no SAS, Jack is one of my irl friends and for the record if you look at his Mii it looks nothing like the Jack that hacked the infinite star, and he mains Diddy Kong not Bowser.