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Location: Wallingford, Connecticut, United States
Setting: In person
Date: August 9, 2011
Organizer(s): Bizkit
Game(s): Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Size: Large local


Hall of Gaming #6 is August 6th!!! I expect lots of people to come to this! No more school johns!

WE NEED LOTS OF WIIS. Please bring Wiis, and TVs.

SPECIAL NOTE: For those of you who have been to HoG before, the venue is most likely going to be in the room right next to HoG! MORE SPACE NOW!


Hall of Gaming
220 North Colony Street
Wallingford, CT

Outside Venue Image:

Inside Venue Images:

The venue is in the corner of the plaza behind a Subway. Plenty of parking.


11:00am - Doors open
12:00-12:30 - Sign up for Brawl Doubles
12:30 - Brawl Doubles Begins
2:00 - Brawl Doubles ends/Sign ups for singles
3:00-3:30 - Brawl Singles Begin
* ???? - 3rd Event

*Schedule is subject to change


•Entry Fees
Venue Fee - $5
Brawl Singles - $10
Brawl Doubles - $10 per person, $20 per Team
*Third Event - TBA

All prizes will be paid in cash.

•**Prize pools (Singles)
1st -48%
2nd -22%
3rd -14%
4th - 8%
5th - 4%
5th - 4%

•Prize Pools (Doubles)
1st - 60%
2nd - 30%
3rd - 10%

**If there are less than 20 entrants for singles, pot payout will be 60/30/10.

If you need to contact me for any reason about the tourney, my cell is: 860-656-4365.



Entrants: 5
1. Luu + Riot
2. Orion + RJ
3. Bizkit + IcyLight
4. JoeST + Bloodcross

Singles Pools

Entrants: 25

Singles Bracket

Entrants: 16
1. Orion
2. Bizkit
3. Bloodcross
4. vVv Saltca

Mid Tiers

Entrants: 15
1. Riot
2. Orion
3. Kiwi
4. vVv Saltca

youpiknight wrote at 2:39 AM on Aug 09, 2011 :
good shiz orion
Bizkit wrote at 2:15 AM on Aug 09, 2011 :
This post reserved for the tournament owner.
IcyLight wrote at 9:18 PM on Aug 06, 2011 :
very nice venue now :D
Prawn the Blackguard wrote at 9:03 AM on Aug 06, 2011 :
So MasturBatal
So Fatal wrote at 2:20 AM on Aug 06, 2011 :
hope this has a decent turnout. Riot for 1st.
godathand wrote at 10:04 PM on Aug 05, 2011 :
Went to the hospital tonight. Still planning on attending though, but I need to keep my leg elevated so I'll need two chairs whenever I play a match or am just chilling. If things get worse (although the Dr. said it shouldn't) I may leave unannounced. =[
vVv Cheese wrote at 9:49 PM on Aug 05, 2011 :
Flat tire. Can't come. I mad.
aqua421 wrote at 5:51 PM on Aug 05, 2011 :
wait mid tier singles is happening? i could do good in that but i think I'm leaving before it starts.
Bloodcross wrote at 5:48 PM on Aug 05, 2011 :
Anyone bringing a laptop so I can bring my Dazzle?
NT 3000 wrote at 11:24 AM on Aug 05, 2011 :
sweet ill have to run to the bank before me and pelca get there haha