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OSI Presents: Charity Gaming III

Location: Columbus, Ohio, United States
Setting: In person
Date: October 22, 2011
Organizer(s): AlphaZealot & Ray Tan
Game(s): Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Super Smash Bros. (64)
Size: Large local


The Ohio Smash Initiative is a club for Smash players at Ohio State. The first two events in OSI's Charity Gaming series took place on April 23rd and May 21st, 2011. What makes OSI events special is the organization and planning that most other events cannot offer. The club will provide dedicated pool captions who will be responsible for making sure matches are played quickly and little time is lost. The club has the benefit of over 20 helpers for the event, and will be advertising the event to the entire Ohio State University of 50,000+ students. This means there will be a lot of casual players who will be experiencing tournament Brawl & Melee for the first time - with that in mind make sure to be polite and nice to the plethora of new players at the event.

In addition to having a large staff for the event, tons of casual players, and a great venue, OSI also offers a dedicated stream for the event and has purchased 32 CRT TV's. That means if you bring a wii/Brawl or gamecube/Melee you can get your venue fee waived (if the setup is used for pool play) and there will be 2 TVs per pool as well as several TVs for freeplay available during the entire tournament. In addition, projector screens will be used so people can keep an eye on the bracket as it is updated. Finally, food and parking (only $5 for all day) is conveniently within and right next to the venue.

Venue Fee: $5 (waived if wii/Brawl and/or GC/Melee is used for tournament)
Mandatory Charity Donation: $5
Entrance fee for Singles (1v1): $5 per person
Entrance fee for Doubles (2v2): $5 per person

Total entry for both Singles and Doubles (either game) w/o a setup: $20
Total entry for both Singles and Doubles (either game) w/ a setup: $15


Brawl Doubles

Entrants: 9
1. Y.b.M. & Infern
2. Tom Anderson & Temmie Parson
3. Chris Brown & Lou Agresk
4. Marc Galvan & Ben Kazarinoff

Melee Doubles

Entrants: 7
1. Kevin Boddy & Byan Lintur
2. Abhi Prabhu & Tyler Hontons
3. Dave Owens & Daniel Thaw
4. Danny Pearkerr & Eric Thomas

Smash 64 Doubles

Entrants: 8
1. Tyler Higgins & Cory Higgins
2. Jason Wachs & Chris Amst
3. Andrew Krieger & Max Tomqun
4. Eric Howell & Greg Stanly

Brawl Singles Pools

Entrants: 33

Melee Singles Pools

Entrants: 30

Smash 64 Singles Pools

Entrants: 5

Brawl Singles Bracket

Entrants: 16
1. Y.b.M.
2. Anthony S
3. Tom Anderson
4. Chris Brown

Melee Singles Bracket

Entrants: 16
1. Abhishek Prabh
2. Tyler Hankins
3. Ryan Lintar
4. Kevin Boddy

AlphaZealot wrote at 3:08 PM on Oct 31, 2011 :
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AlphaZealot wrote at 2:06 PM on Jul 03, 2011 :
[color=#ff0000][size=3]Charity Concept[/size][/color]
Under the vision of the President of OSI, Ray Tan, these events are all about giving and less about filling the pot for the winners. Your $5 donation will be used to help children who are suffering from terminal illness. The idea is that the OSI team will visit children in local hospitals and determine what their needs are - many of these children are confined to bed and are unable to move or participate in 'normal' physical activities. This is where gaming comes in, as the OSI crew will use the money generated from your generous donations to buy things like video games consoles, video games, board games, books, movies, and any other media that will make the lives of these children more comfortable. Our hope is over time we will detail exactly what has been done with your donation and what children you have helped, so that everyone who has participated in these events can feel a special connection.