2GG Tournaments will now be MK banned tournament
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22 players attended this tournament, 4 registered:



Phoenix vX


Medal winners

1st place
brawl doubles
3rd place
brawl singles
3rd place
brawl doubles
Phoenix vX
4th place
brawl singles

2gg 2.6

Location: Long Beach, California, United States
Setting: In person
Date: May 1 – August 6, 2011
Organizer(s): 2gg
Game(s): Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Size: Local



2GG SMACKDOWN is a collaboration event hosted by 2 Good Gaming and the CSULB Battle Frontier club. We are trying to create a community within the CSULB and also the Long Beach area. We will be hosting events at CSULB and everyone is welcome to come! Students or non students.


2GG SITE: Tournament Rules Battle Frontier
FACEBOOK: 2GGaming | Facebook
TWITTER: Live Tournament Update Battle Frontier (2GGaming) on Twitter
YOUTUBE: YouTube - 2GoodGaming's Channel
STREAM: 2GoodGaming on Justin.tv
DONATE: http://www.tinyurl.com/2ggdonate
AIM: Xuerarit
Phone Number: Champ - 562 645 6031 ::: Jmex - 310 418 8937


Spring 2011: March 26th, April 9th, April 23rd, May 7th, May 21st
Summer 2011: June 4th, June 18th, July 2nd, July 9th, July 23rd, August 6th, August 20th
Fall 2011: TBD


California State University, Long Beach
Building ED1, Room 40
1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach, California 90840
Parking lot: Parking is FREE* Please read full detail below
School Map
Google Map Direction


The closest place to park is Lot 6. It cost $5 to park BUT thanks to the club adviser, we have some FREE parking passes for you. All you have to do is come up to me and register for an event and I will give you the parking permit. I only have so much permit so first come first serve!


Arcana Heart 3 (PS3)
BlazBlue Continuum Shift II (PS3)
Call of Duty Black Ops (PS3) FREEPLAY
Marvel VS Capcom 3 (XBOX 360 & PS3*)
Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3)
Super Street Fighter IV AE (XBOX 360 & PS3*)
Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Super Smash Brothers Melee
Tekken 6 (PS3)

You must bring your own controller. If you use a ps3 pad, we have the ps3 to 360 controller converter pro for you to use. It have been accepted by the SRK community and many pros that it's lag-less and top pad players uses this exact same adapter. We also have a dual modded house stick for people to use.


2GG will be doing a ranking system for each season we host for all games. You gain points base on how well you perform and at the end of the season, winner will get prizes and discount for future events. Only top 8 of each event will get points and will be accumulative throughout the season. Not only that, the ranking points will also be used to seed the players for our event.

1st - 10 pts 2nd - 8pts 3rd - 6pts 4th- 4pts 5th - 3pts 7th - 1pt


To register, just come to our event and register. There's no online pre registration
Anyone can enter our event. You don't have to be a CSULB student
Registration Fee: $5
Entry Fee: $5 for MVC3, Smash, SSF4AE. $3 for MK9, BBCS, AH3, T6


I'm entering MK9 only so it's: $5 registration fee + $3 MK9 fee = $8
I'm entering MVC3 & MK9 so it's: $5 Registration fee + $5 MVC3 fee + $3 MK9 fee = $13


8 or less entrants: 1st 80% 2nd 20%
9 or more entrants: 1st 60% 2nd 30% 3rd 10%



Entrants: 21
1. Airtola
2. Lawrence
3. Godric
4. LLnd


Entrants: 13
1. Hugo101
2. IS.Tony
3. Futile
4. Ves


Entrants: 6
1. bond
2. cpu
3. Rawr

melee singles

Entrants: 19
1. fly amanita
2. alex19
3. macd
4. stabbed

melee doubles

Entrants: 5
1. anto park
2. stab by a moron
3. Workers
4. banana terracota

brawl singles

Entrants: 22
1. Tyrant
2. tearbear
3. mike haze
4. Phoenix

brawl doubles

Entrants: 6
1. mike haze + tyrant
2. Flight of the Incredible Sons
3. choco + paper

Phoenix vX wrote at 12:22 AM on Aug 12, 2011 :
Why no results? :<
COMMANDER BEEF wrote at 3:28 AM on Aug 09, 2011 :
Now I just realized, what if it's both the player and the character?
Idk, and idc. At least the tournament felt more fair :D
Great to see you all again. And good ****ing **** Phoenix!
Tairbear wrote at 3:40 PM on Aug 07, 2011 :
o and zekey called it on there being 22 entrances
Tairbear wrote at 3:20 PM on Aug 07, 2011 :
yay brawl had the most

and cping is gay
all you really need to do is get rid of rc and brin
Sean wrote at 3:17 PM on Aug 07, 2011 :
Tyrant STILL wins? I wonder if its really MK... Or the player? HUMMMMMMMMMMM
Champ wrote at 3:16 PM on Aug 07, 2011 :
This post reserved for the tournament owner.
Phoenix vX wrote at 3:19 AM on Aug 07, 2011 :
_JeBuS_ wrote at 3:13 AM on Aug 07, 2011 :
so did terry get second or third?
Phoenix vX wrote at 3:11 AM on Aug 07, 2011 :
Terry used Falco/Luigi/ROB
Pitbull wrote at 3:10 AM on Aug 07, 2011 :
You can't be serious.