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Maku 1

Location: Edinburg, Texas, United States
Setting: Online
Date: October 4, 2008
Organizer(s): goldemblem
Game(s): Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Size: Local


Tournament online, don't expect anything very fancy, this it's mostly to have fun and meet smashers.

feel free to ask any question, i want to make this a tournament done at least once every month so feel free to give your contributions

Tournament will take place at 9pm (i don't know the time zone so i will say south texas time, or mexico df time if you are from mexico)



Entrants: 13
1. Nitez
2. goldemblem
3. EDDiE
4. AencI

goldemblem wrote at 8:31 AM on Nov 10, 2008 :
This post reserved for the tournament owner.
icewaterdragon wrote at 12:26 AM on Oct 05, 2008 :
"Also, be on time a Dq will be given if you are 5 min late to your match" Uh-oh... I lost track of time and came here too late (I think). Also, the time on AIB is different than it is in my area and is a day ahead.
EDDiEPWNSALL wrote at 10:09 PM on Oct 04, 2008 :
goldemblem wrote at 9:42 PM on Oct 04, 2008 :
tournament starting in 15 minutes at gaming chat
goldemblem wrote at 9:34 PM on Oct 04, 2008 :
Tournament starting in 30 minutes in gaming room
SecretKnight33 wrote at 5:42 PM on Oct 04, 2008 :
what time is it pacific time? or just send me a message saying like in 10 min th tourny is guna start
SecretKnight33 wrote at 4:13 PM on Oct 04, 2008 :
do we get medals for this?
CrispyTacoz wrote at 10:13 PM on Oct 03, 2008 :
Can't make it also got an In person tourney
MarioKrdenas wrote at 6:38 PM on Oct 03, 2008 :
las nueve en hora de mexico...serai a las 7 en mexicali no se tendria que verlo

a lo mejor si
icewaterdragon wrote at 10:12 AM on Oct 03, 2008 :
Thanks for telling me. I actually plan to do this one. I'll try and tell other people near the west coast to join. ^^