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La Primera De Octubre!!!

Location: New Jersey, United States
Setting: Online
Date: October 1, 2008
Organizer(s): Atire
Game(s): Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Size: Local


(No I'm not spanish lol)

It's the first day of October!!! This means that there should be a smack down of smashers :D.

Singles Tourney

Read The Rules For Your Own Good....

Wed- 6:00 pm eastern, 3:00 pm pacific

I will wait 10 minutes before posting brackets.

Chat- Tourney Chat 1



Entrants: 14
1. goop123
2. fiercemold16
3. Atire
4. SionBarzad

blu link wrote at 4:13 PM on Oct 05, 2008 :
Wow how did I not lose lol. I got fricken 13th out of 14th. That's hilarious.
goldemblem wrote at 11:46 PM on Oct 04, 2008 :
man, i lost against mold in a way i shouldn't and against Sion was a close match, but i tought i had it in the box also, damn why can't i get a badge :/
Seiba wrote at 12:11 PM on Oct 03, 2008 :
Lol @ Gold. That Kirby shorthop Side+B to the face...on D3.
RedWolf wrote at 10:54 PM on Oct 03, 2008 :
Sion RULES!!!!!!!
Atire wrote at 10:13 PM on Oct 03, 2008 :
This post reserved for the tournament owner.
goldemblem wrote at 3:27 PM on Oct 02, 2008 :
the results?
goldemblem wrote at 10:50 AM on Oct 02, 2008 :
dude, i still can't believe the way i lost, i have the badge in my bag :/
blu link wrote at 5:00 PM on Oct 01, 2008 :
Crap I forgot lol.
Meta-Kirby wrote at 3:06 PM on Oct 01, 2008 :
Uh...the chat stopped working for me ..
EDDiEPWNSALL wrote at 2:24 PM on Oct 01, 2008 :