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DotDo Singles #6

Location: Southbury, Connecticut, United States
Setting: Online
Date: October 12, 2008
Organizer(s): DotDo
Game(s): Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Size: Local


My 6th tournament! If you guys enjoy my tournaments, I have made a group that will PM you every time I am hosting a new tournament. Join!

DATE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE! It is now 8:00 EST!! I'm sorry for any inconveniences.
8:00 EST
7:00 CDT
6:00 MDT
5:00 PDT

Chatroom #4



Entrants: 19
1. Poltergust
2. toilethumor
3. Raffi-X
4. cloudlink05

YoshiFreak wrote at 1:26 AM on Oct 13, 2008 :
needed more west coast. D:
DotDo wrote at 1:09 AM on Oct 13, 2008 :
This post reserved for the tournament owner.
Mario766 wrote at 6:17 PM on Oct 12, 2008 :
DotDo is going to be here for the tourney, I will not be doing brackets.
Mario766 wrote at 5:37 PM on Oct 12, 2008 :
(or not)
Mario766 wrote at 5:30 PM on Oct 12, 2008 :
Okay. DotDo had to leave. For the meantime, I will be making brackets and making sure people are in the chatroom. Same rules still apply, DotDo will override this if he gets back in time.
AngelBlaze wrote at 4:13 PM on Oct 12, 2008 :
Dude u need to let us know man. So we can all be there.
Mr Escalator wrote at 3:58 PM on Oct 12, 2008 :
Im in! No chain throwing: Ololol
Meta-Kirby wrote at 3:48 PM on Oct 12, 2008 :
Which chat room do we have to be in?
AngelBlaze wrote at 3:08 PM on Oct 12, 2008 :
Dude what chatroom do we join
SyNC1 wrote at 1:08 PM on Oct 12, 2008 :
FINALLY! The dog pic.