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Mango Juice (Melee) aka NCT3

Location: San Bernardino, California, United States
Setting: In person
Date: March 21, 2009
Organizer(s): Champ, nealdt, Mango
Game(s): Super Smash Bros. Melee
Size: Large regional


AKA Neal/Champ Tournament 3 (NCT3)

This is a MELEE tournament run by basically the best hosts ever <3

Warning: Champ wrote this post, bad English follows

10:00 AM: Signed up/ warm ups
12:00 PM: Doubles Tournament Starts
4:00 PM: Singles Pools
6:00 PM: 32/64 man Singles Bracket Starts
Crew Battle afterward if there's time
Midnight: Venue Closes

There could be two round of pools if enough people enter.

Venue Fee: $5 to the church. It's mandatory
Singles Fee: $10
Doubles Fee: $20
Crews: $25 ($5 per person)

1st: 60%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%
4th: You get your entry fee back

There will be a Mango TV during the whole tournament. What that mean is, Mango will be playing on that TV from when the tournament start till it ends. People can come up and play with him. The TV will a



Entrants: 42
1. Cathy's here but we still got this
2. Polar Claw 3
3. Jew Zhu
4. Pink Bird

Singles pools

Entrants: 128

Singles Bracket

Entrants: 48
1. Mang0
2. Zhu
3. Silent Spectre
4. Wobbles

Atticus wrote at 6:13 PM on Apr 26, 2009 :
connor is a badass lol
Araknophobik wrote at 5:22 AM on Apr 15, 2009 :
**** hyuga always taking me out in pools =[
Mio wrote at 6:36 PM on Apr 13, 2009 :
Connor, the melee community has corrupted your innocent mind
ConnorTheKid wrote at 10:01 PM on Apr 12, 2009 :
no one gives a **** about your brawl tournament, ******
agstn---csh--- wrote at 7:10 PM on Mar 31, 2009 :
thats the link for another awsome tourny in california
Atticus wrote at 4:54 PM on Mar 26, 2009 :
I <3 Zhu
Zhu wrote at 11:01 PM on Mar 24, 2009 :
Zoap wrote at 4:42 AM on Mar 24, 2009 :
calm down zhu smiley faces are used for a reason lol :)
Zhu wrote at 3:28 AM on Mar 24, 2009 :
"Zhu actually made a great decision knowing that him and Jeff split anyways. He knows he can't beat Mango, but Jeff had just gone 2-1 in an intense set(winners) and therefore had a better chance at winning. If Jeff won Zhu got more money, greedy little Chinese kid :)" lol no Zoap. Mango was gonna split with me if I got second. The moment my match was finished, people were *****ing about how Grand Finals was gonna suck so I figured they wanted to see Norcal vs Socal rather than Socal vs Socal. I gave up $300 so you could see your ****ing match, if you seriously think I did that to get more money, I have lost all respect for you.
Tomacawk wrote at 11:48 PM on Mar 23, 2009 :
I wish I could have been there. SS is so ****ing good.