Medal winners

1st place
Brawl Singles bracket
Crazy Aleks
1st place
Brawl Teams bracket
2nd place
Brawl Teams bracket
vVv Lee Martin
2nd place
Brawl Teams bracket
Crazy Aleks
3rd place
Brawl Singles bracket
3rd place
Brawl Teams bracket
4th place
Brawl Singles bracket
4th place
Melee Doubles Bracket
4th place
Brawl Teams bracket
4th place
Brawl Teams bracket

*Pound* 4

Location: Frederick, Maryland, United States
Setting: In person
Date: January 16 – 18, 2010
Organizer(s): Plank
Game(s): Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Size: International


*Pound* 4
January 16th, 17th, 18th, 2010.
This date is tenative, but is likely

Welcome to the best tournament experience of your lives. Pound is back to guarantee you another amazing experience, learning from previous small mistakes to make your Martin Luther King weekend the best weekend you've ever had. Get excited, it's time to play some smash.


Melee Singles: $25
Melee Singles+Teams: $35

Brawl Singles: $35
Brawl Singles+Teams: $45

That is going to be the layout on the registration website. If you want to spectate only, there will be a $10 spectator fee available under each game

If you don't have a credit card to purchase online passes, there are no johns because of Visa Gift Cards.

Use this link to see where you can purchase the Visa Gift Cards at a close location to you:

Registration links will be posted as soon as everything is 100% set in stone and set up.


Saturday is ALL melee. This means melee players can come saturday, then leave Sunday if they'd like. Times are not set yet, but the tournament will start as early as possible. Possibly even 9 AM, so be ready to wake up and smash! . Melee will start and end on Saturday, and there will be NO brawl that day. Melee will likely have one round of pools for singles, and one round of pools for teams, into a double elimination Bracket.

Sunday and Monday will be dedicated to Brawl. Brawl players don't have to arrive until Sunday, and Melee players can leave if they would like. Brawl will likely have one round of teams pools, and two rounds of singles pools, into double elimination brackets.

Tournament format is subject to change based on interest, but this is what we are expecting.

Just posting this here so you guys can see it too.... this tournament is going to be absolutely epic. 12,000 square foot venue=this tournament is only limited by the number of players that come. *Pound* 1 had 60, *Pound* 2 had 200, *Pound* 3 had 330... what will *Pound* 4 bring?

For more information visit the smashboards thread here:

Also Aim me @ Dream Thieve

Who's ready for epic? ^_^


Melee Teams Pools

Entrants: 138

Melee Round 1 Singles

Entrants: 347

Melee Round 2 Singles

Entrants: 192

Melee Round 3 Singles

Entrants: 97

Melee Doubles Bracket

Entrants: 64
1. Lucky + Mango
2. Darkrain + Silent Spectre
3. lozr + Dr. PP
4. Darc + Hax

Melee Singles bracket

Entrants: 48
1. Mango
2. Hbox
3. Amsah
4. Armada

Brawl Pools Round 2

Entrants: 96

Brawl Singles bracket

Entrants: 48
2. Mew2King
3. Ally
4. KSizzle

Brawl Teams bracket

Entrants: 78
1. Mew2King + Ally
2. Atomsk + Lee Martin
3. ADHD + co18
4. dmbrandon + Shadow

Zao wrote at 8:14 AM on Mar 30, 2010 :
where's plus results?
benaji261 wrote at 4:42 AM on Jan 27, 2010 :
I voted for ADHD on the poll. lol
Atticus wrote at 2:59 AM on Jan 25, 2010 :
@falln: Hbox is from Florida, lol
AlphaZealot wrote at 3:38 PM on Jan 24, 2010 :
Where is Brawl ROund 1 Pools????????????/
Soren9 wrote at 5:56 PM on Jan 23, 2010 :
he is correct for brawl however Tyrant Mike didn't go and they placed high in national tournaments as well.

but socal will always be the king of melee
falln wrote at 11:51 AM on Jan 23, 2010 :
Inui wrote at 9:58 PM on Jan 22, 2010 : Atlantic North domination in everything. What a surprise. Melee Singles: 1) Socal 2) Atlantic North 3) Europe 4) Europe Ok Inui
Slhoka wrote at 6:49 PM on Jan 22, 2010 :
There are 2 players named Vanz in Melee singles. I'm pretty sure one of them is Vwins.
juiceAllied wrote at 3:09 PM on Jan 22, 2010 :
woo [smile]:D[/smile]
ksizzle4life wrote at 2:22 PM on Jan 22, 2010 :
I like blue medals
Durango wrote at 1:14 AM on Jan 22, 2010 :
Not really. I saw it coming.