9 players attended this tournament, 3 registered:

Hugh Heff


Lord Zenith

LMSYT IV: Underused Edition!

Location: New York, United States
Setting: Online
Date: September 1, 2009
Organizer(s): Lord Zenith
Game(s): Other
Size: Friendly


Fourth entry in that wonderful Pokemon D/P/Pt tournament series!

Tourney chat 2 @ 8:30 EST/5:30 PST.

And while you're at it, stop Hitman's reign. I mean, it's not even an OU tourney, but /still/



Entrants: 9
1. Bobguydude1
2. VivaTheSaturn
3. Lord Zenith
4. Hugh Heff

Lord Zenith wrote at 6:28 AM on Sep 07, 2009 :
This post reserved for the tournament owner.
Lord Zenith wrote at 1:44 PM on Aug 29, 2009 :
Probably. I was kind of looking forward to UU .-. We need more Pokaymanz players on here.
sodaddicted wrote at 12:55 PM on Aug 29, 2009 :
you should probably just make it OU then :/
Lord Zenith wrote at 12:54 PM on Aug 29, 2009 :
Nobody showed up yesterday @.@ Except for Bobguydude.
sodaddicted wrote at 9:40 AM on Aug 29, 2009 :
lol did this really get pushed back AGAIN?
Hugh Heff wrote at 12:45 AM on Aug 29, 2009 :
Lord Zenith i dont have uu. So..... I cant atteend
Lord Zenith wrote at 4:13 PM on Aug 28, 2009 :
I can't wait to see how my bizarre UU team will work out, I haven't played UU since before they banned Gallade ._.
WiR Doogi wrote at 2:01 PM on Aug 28, 2009 :
I think i got this... made a new party so im all new LOL
Bobguydude1 wrote at 1:58 PM on Aug 28, 2009 :
i am pumped for this
Lord Zenith wrote at 12:47 PM on Aug 21, 2009 :
That sucks, Hitman. I'll have to hold another UU tourney sometime D: R/B/Y tourney can be one of the next ones.