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1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Doctor Mic
3rd place

The Great Cerebral Palsy Challenge!

Location: Colorado, United States
Setting: Online
Date: May 16, 2008
Organizer(s): Demolisho, the_real_toad
Game(s): Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Size: Local


Just for fun online tournament, for now, it's no longer specific to CO only. We'll see how it goes.

Yes, I know how to use Tio. I'll put up brackets when I feel like it, any questions let me know.

Sign ups last until:
5:10 PM PST
6:10 PM MST
7:10 PM CST
8:10 PM EST

We'll be meeting in Tournament Room 2 at 6:00-6:15 pm MTSD, be there.



Entrants: 18

Demolisho wrote at 11:08 PM on May 19, 2008 :
This post reserved for the tournament owner.
Demolisho wrote at 10:55 PM on May 16, 2008 :
In first, DoctorJuice with a stunning close final match with his amazing ZSS.

In Second, Fluga, who was so close to victory.

In Third, Shared between Toad and ZeroSonic.

Everything else will be posted.

Brackets were messed up thanks to no shows. Brackets will not be made with all attendees next time.
Demolisho wrote at 1:16 AM on May 11, 2008 :
Then be cool and be a part of it.
sHaDo26 wrote at 10:43 PM on May 10, 2008 :
iam over 9000 XP
QTwo wrote at 10:40 PM on May 10, 2008 :
Wow! This is the coolest thing ever!
Milk wrote at 9:38 PM on Apr 28, 2008 :
all I have to say is...that picture is to funny rofl...
koikaze wrote at 12:44 AM on Apr 27, 2008 :
Yesh "minimal Johns"! Watch out, I'm going to be pushing that rule =P You really think that Pokemon Stadium 2 should be on there? The one where you're all floaty and the one with the treadmills pushing you around are so disruptive >.< but the ice is kinda fun.
Demolisho wrote at 6:21 PM on Apr 25, 2008 :
Reserved for tournament organizer.