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Wanted Dead or Alive: Guns for hire tournament.

Location: Online, New York, United States
Setting: Online
Date: May 22, 2008
Organizer(s): Evil Ninjoe (PooF!)
Game(s): Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Size: Local


Nintendos mercanaries fight it out to see who is the best Bounty Hunter of them all.

Place: Online tourny Chat room 1
Time: 7 pm Eastern Time(google timezones if your not sure)

This is my first shot at a tournament online, so do your best to be at the Chat Room on time.

After ten minutes of start time I will NOT be allowing any more people in.

Any questions feel free to message me.

One last favor I ask if you plan to attend but have to cancel for any reason, leave a note letting me know. Thanks Brawlers!



Entrants: 15
1. YourHero
2. fatabl
3. staindgrey
4. Holic

Grey wrote at 11:13 PM on May 25, 2008 :
awww third gets no love?

goddammit. i wanted a medal.
fatalb wrote at 6:28 PM on May 25, 2008 :
u spelled my name wrong lol its fatalb
Evil Ninjoe wrote at 1:13 AM on May 25, 2008 :
This post reserved for the tournament owner.
Grey wrote at 11:24 PM on May 22, 2008 :
zero suit for the- er, third place.

gj all
Evil Ninjoe wrote at 10:25 PM on May 22, 2008 :
Tourny was cool and ran smoothly (lucky NinJoe) These are the top four Mercaniaries too beat next time.

1: YourHero
2: fatabl
3: staindgrey
4: Holic

They are all great and will get the job done right.... for a price!
Like Dogg the Bounty Hunter
TEECO wrote at 7:21 PM on May 22, 2008 :
that chat room keeps freezing on me.

im not sure if im gonna be able to make it.
Dabura wrote at 6:45 PM on May 22, 2008 :
I can't attend anymore sorry
I suck with samus lol
Holic wrote at 6:14 PM on May 22, 2008 :
I'm in :)
Valdens wrote at 6:14 PM on May 22, 2008 :
He's a mercenary, close enough.
Grey wrote at 6:13 PM on May 22, 2008 :
so, I never played the FE games. Someone enlighten me.

Why is Ike in?