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SSBB 2v2
1st place
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Shanny Tha QTPie
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Ibuki Cup 4 - Doubles Tournament

Location: Georgia, United States
Setting: Online
Date: June 25, 2010
Organizer(s): Teh Umby
Game(s): Other
Size: Local


Ibuki Cup is back for its 4th installment. Let's get it!

IMPORTANT CHANGE: Tournament will be held in the AllisFighter tournament chat.

5:00 PM - Pacific
6:00 PM - Mountain
7:00 PM - Central
8:00 PM - Eastern


SSBB 2v2

Entrants: 13
1. Best Ikes Alive
2. GeeGee
3. shlumleelumleebarrackobama
4. Meek+Speed

Teh Umby wrote at 2:09 PM on Jun 26, 2010 :
This post reserved for the tournament owner.
Voyage 1970 wrote at 8:01 PM on Jun 25, 2010 :
Fools! You must remember that this is taking place in the AllisFighter tournament chat room! Not AiB! Get over to it and be prepared!
Pervatasaurus wrote at 7:13 PM on Jun 25, 2010 :
Anyone want a partner? :)
Ramen wrote at 6:50 PM on Jun 25, 2010 :
Kk I just signed up
Teh Umby wrote at 3:46 PM on Jun 25, 2010 :
All the "Allis" network stuff if connected, so you should be able to sign in with your AiB name. My AiB is working now, but I've already sent the message that the tournament is moved to AiF. If there's popular demand/too much confusion, I'll just move it back to Tournament Chat 2 later. For now, however, THE TOURNAMENT WILL BE HELD IN ALLISFIGHTER TOURNAMENT CHAT. Once again, you should be able to sign in with your AiB user name and password.
coolkirby wrote at 3:36 PM on Jun 25, 2010 :
i dont have an all is fight though
Teh Umby wrote at 11:31 AM on Jun 25, 2010 :
Actually, for now, I'm moving the meeting place to AllisFighter Tournament Chat.
Teh Umby wrote at 11:17 AM on Jun 25, 2010 :
Having issues accessing AllisBrawl atm (accessing this page from AllisFighter). If I can't solve this problem by this evening, I'll try and have someone else host for you guys.
DMAN3431 wrote at 2:39 AM on Jun 25, 2010 :
sorry i forgot to say ninja the real SF ninja is Geki from the first SF
DMAN3431 wrote at 2:37 AM on Jun 25, 2010 :
u mean vs under age ninja the real SF is Geki from the first SF