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An album for psw14's stadium-related videos.

Added by: psw14
Date: Jan 17, 2010

psw14's stadium videos (album)


Yay 1km! This is a combination / variation of Brawlfreaks' and Pyik's strats. Happy New Year everyone! =]
One FCFS, and the other not. Dave's strat. Terrible maxing =[
Yay 1km! I didn't want to autocatch the bd afa. O.O Ikea Strat.
Change of SSBMSTuff's and FreddyP's strat.
yay 3.5k ft! marth1's start but unmaxed =[ sorry about the abrupt music
Yay 2.1km! I want 7k though! reads1337 strat. Music is Gerudo Valley from SSBB.
I want 1km! Music is same as Sin's 1122.7m vid. thanks to FrededyP for the strat.
Yay 1km! Variations of this strat have been used by many others, like Sin, 077dave2, SSBMStuff, Brawlfreaks (he's retired), Natushiboshi2 and a numbe...
Yay 1km! F1Fan1996 strat. Thanks to DarkHybridX for recording =]
Krebs strat unmaxed. Thanks to Karlo (Natsuhiboshi2) for recording =) Music is Pikachu's gold theme from melee.
Thanks to HomeRunChips for recording! Sin's strat.
Variation of a common fox strat. a few bd's left out too. yay 3.4k!
Yay 1km! Variation of LfKrebs's strat I think. but no bomb =/ Thanks to Natsuhiboshi2 for recording =]
Yay 3.8k! Samplay3's strat. Thanks to Natsuhiboshi2 for recording! =]
The FCFS Finish is USR (I think). The 7118.8ft is KyoSSBB's strat, unmaxed. Happy to have 7k! Thanks to 077dave2 for recording! EDIT: TKDMaster6467 ha...
This is a set of strats for 3-3.7k. enjoy the vid! sorry the first four/five strats are not that different from eachother, and the sixth and seventh ...