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Last part of the Vegas vs Palmdale crew battle.
Added by: SK92
Posted June 26 2009
UCLA Monthlies I Palmdale: Aesis, BoA, ROFL, Teba DeepSoCal Trixies: Edrees, HugS, Kira, Wolf Teba is the last member of the Palmdale crew with 5...
Added by: mikeHAZE
Posted April 7 2009
Added by: ShadowRob
Posted September 25 2008
D4rk Sakura
Added by: -THUG-
Posted July 3 2008
Grand Finals against the best team in the AV
Added by: ShadowRob
Posted July 3 2008
Here are the videos that I was able to capture at the tournament Nexus Gaming hosted. Super Smash Royale IV. I am still uploading so they will come...
Added by: dookdigity
Posted June 30 2008
Teba and I having our tourney match
Added by: ShadowRob
Posted June 22 2008
Palmdale crew spoof of the first brawl trailor
Added by: ROFL
Posted January 22 2008
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