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I'd like to thank LinksDarkArrows for coming up with Ike's strategy. I worked like hell on this run it took me about 3 hours to achieve this score. I ...
Added by: LancexTxWx
Posted February 27 2012
Should I keep this strategy and improve it or should I find a different strategy?
Added by: LancexTxWx
Posted January 24 2012
Bowser's went well but DDD oh I have lots to say about his please don't complain to me that the ending sucks because yes I know it suck and I'm workin...
Added by: LancexTxWx
Posted January 24 2012
This is my own stratagy because I know that the actual WR stratagy doesn't use items either.
Added by: LancexTxWx
Posted January 23 2012
(!)READ BEFORE OR WHILE WATCHING(!) First of all I'd like to apologize for the shakeing this is my first recorded video. All of these stratagies I ca...
Added by: LancexTxWx
Posted January 20 2012
$1 MM E4K: Lorelei
Added by: Vato_break
Posted March 7 2011
Hey guys! I have several videos of Brawl posted on my youtube page. Check them out and feel free to leave any feedback. If you guys are a fan of ssf4 ...
Added by: KrisRon
Posted July 27 2010
Tournament Matches from the Randomness Equals Skills tournament hosted by me.
Added by: Kazuhiro
Posted January 6 2010
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