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Welcome to my first Walkthrough Mario Kart 8. Includes all Races, Charaters, Cups, and more!
Added by: Cyrelle/Sonic18
Updated August 31
I told you, don't get MIND3'd (That's actually not my video, lol).
Added by: Great Masked Rey Dedede
Posted August 13
I played Brawl from Day 1, picked up Ness in July 2011. I played wi-fi a TON. Once I had my Wii modded, I decided to save replays of my memorable matc...
Added by: MrTimtendo
Posted July 31
This it the first railer for Smash 4 by Nintendo Villager joins the battle
Added by: Ryu
Posted July 24
Sonic Speeds on through
Added by: Ryu
Posted July 24
Rosalina & Luma Join the Battle!
Added by: Ryu
Posted July 24
Palutena Joins the Battle!
Added by: Ryu
Posted July 24
Lucina, Robin and Captain Falcon Join the battle
Added by: Ryu
Posted July 24
No ***** given
Added by: Karma
Posted July 22
Hold my ice
Added by: tehDC
Posted July 19
Since I don't have Mario Kart 8, I thought I would have to do some of this stuff. That's right. Here it is. The moment you've been waiting for.
Added by: Aaron the Yoshi
Posted June 26
I wanted this combo to be its own video... BECAUSE ITS TOO GOOOOD
Added by: Figy
Posted June 14
Insert hitmarkers, lens flares and kids screaming. Got the Super Horn within the first 5 seconds of the match starting. This was the day Key gobbl...
Added by: Zork
Posted June 1
welp... i try to have fun with my cpus then they just go and nope me
Added by: Figy
Posted May 26
: 3
Added by: DDM
Updated May 21
Nana what are you doing...Nana stop it!... NANA I SAID....mmmm. I dont know what ill do since wifi is down...hopefully some of these servers will wor...
Added by: Figy
Posted May 19
This is just a little Falcon montage i made. Hope you enjoy. Skype - Tanbomb, if anyone wants to send me rp files from your SD card that would be m...
Added by: Figy
Posted May 3
*Note this is a tech skill video, not a combo video. Some of the combos were on CPUs and probably might not even work on an actual player, its just th...
Added by: Phan7om
Posted April 25
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