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I am videographer for a Brawl crew called Luscious. This is a rough cut of the video the group's leader ProSnaiL asked me to do. Please excuse the "N...
Added by: Bob
Posted June 26 2008
my first combo vid...great clips bad quality sorry..yes i am aware of computers but the majority of the players are humans...just wanted to mention th...
Added by: Luey the G
Posted June 26 2008
Disclaimer: yes yes I know combos in Brawl are nothing like combos in melee. So please dont get upset. This is just some highlight footage of me pl...
Added by: Lit
Posted June 24 2008
A showcase video of all my mains (except jiggly, she's just fun to play wit)
Added by: BluBone313
Posted June 24 2008
Jarri (P1, me) performing a very nice combo in a friendly versus Serpit (P2) through Wi-Fi. I know real combo's don't exist, but it's still nice! (...
Added by: Jarri
Posted June 24 2008
If you haven't read the opening title in "Read You Like A Book" I suggest you do so now.
Added by: Sephiroth27
Posted June 23 2008
How to SDI out of Snake's multi-hit moves by Overswarm
Added by: ShadowRob
Posted June 22 2008
*Please watch in high quality* *READ FIRST!* I did not notice that this has already been discovered when i made this. The origonal name is called th...
Added by: MegaBlasta
Posted June 22 2008
Uh, description when I'm not as tired. All in all im not the fanciest player ever, and ike isnt exactly captain flashy so I did what I could. Be sure ...
Added by: Rykoshet
Posted June 22 2008
An awesome Jigglypuff combo video starring Illinialex. A video showing why Jigglypuff has not been nerfed, and how rest and her WoP are still very goo...
Added by: illinialex24
Posted June 21 2008
Gotta love those sneaky bites :D
Added by: FICTION
Posted June 19 2008
Took a while but... oh well. Thank you Drago for all of the editing help. Didn't want to make it too long, so people that were in footage while I was ...
Added by: Dozer
Posted June 16 2008
I'm always P1 so, my opponents are listed below. A "combo" video if you will, though, some clips lack that aspect on purpose. Three easter egg clips a...
Added by: smk
Posted June 14 2008
My first vid =D Music: Pendelum-Propane Nightmares Art of Fighters-Game of Pain Enjoy!
Added by: Mr.Clutch31
Posted June 12 2008
This is meant to be purely for entertainment. These are not supposed to be combos really, just fun to watch 9's. The last one is the best, so watch...
Added by: PEEF
Posted June 10 2008
All Rights go to:Chris(Kirbopher) and Rina-Chan (KagomeHigurashi) NOT MINE
Added by: SlayeZ
Posted June 10 2008
***ATTENTION*** Do NOT complain about the effects on this video. If you dont like it, go and watch the other unedited version of Linkaggedon. A SS...
Added by: Pepito
Posted June 9 2008
Well since i'm NEVER going to get the "good" scenes of me fighting good I figured I should just finish it and upload it. Ppl should really learn to se...
Added by: PikaTheXIII
Posted June 9 2008
Claw of Reno Smash Crew Presents: Absolute Zero, a Zero Suit Samus Video Music: Pendulum - Slam Pendulum - The Terminal Temper D & K-Fire - Def...
Added by: myRoboticClaw
Posted June 9 2008
This was from a little while ago, just practicing on pikachu level 9 with mario, and this happened. I have not been able to repeat it, but it spiked m...
Added by: FICTION
Posted June 8 2008
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